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Blog/site newsWe, like most of you I’m sure, have been a little lax after the excellent 2006 regular season. While we didn’t have finals to worry about, we did have family and other requirements that demand our time. Our updates have been sporadic as of late, but we appreciate all of you checking in peridoically for new content. We’ve got some material lined up and there’s still a lot of great Ohio sports action going on, so bear with us as we come out of our blogging-funk.

We’ll be looking back fondly at some memories of the 2006 football season with the return of “Friday Fun,” we’ll be watching out Basketball Buckeyes tear up the non-conference schedule (the upcoming Bearcats game should be excellent), and of course we’ll keep a watchful eye on the Gators from down south. We’ll be taking a look at how the Buckeyes match up with the scrappy Gators. They’ve got to watch out for that SEC speed!

We’ve also got something that, if we release it to the public, could shake the very foundations of Buckeye fans everywhere. We’re still trying to decide what to do with the information we’ve uncovered, but just be aware that we have Ohio State fans’ interests in mind. Watch this space for more information.


  1. is this information good or bad?

  2. Tressel to coach in the NFL ?
    Ginn & Gonzo coming out early ?

  3. i was thinking it would be the ginn declares early, but i thought gonzo didnt have NFL intentions. he wanted to go to law school.

    i would proboboly die if tressel went to the NFL.

  4. I can’t give anything away, but I’ll give you a hint:

    It doesn’t involve a football player.

  5. luke fickel is taking over on D

  6. Coach Tressel has contacted the Browns about possibly coaching there next season IF they decide to fire Romeo Crennel.

  7. i kind of didnt post that about luke fickel, someone is an imposter.

  8. Oden will stay for three years.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Look forward to your revelatory information.

  9. **sportsmonkey cowers in the corner**

  10. It will be funny when the post is released to see the looks in everyones face …..as I have the inside scoop I cant wait to hear the responses…..death threats will be heard for sure

  11. death threats to YOU?! are you getting us all worked up for no reason?

  12. death threats to YOU?! are you getting us all worked up for no reason?

    This is a distinct possibility. I may have over-hyped this information. Let’s just say we’ve uncovered a document that may surprise some Buckeye fans.

  13. Greg oden is a robot.

  14. So when do we get to hear this tidbit?

  15. MaliBuckeye says
  16. I’ll have to say that rob is the closest so far to guessing the information. Once the document has been cleared by various government agencies, we’ll be releasing it to the general population.

    Malibuckeye – that’s not our news, but it would be sad news indeed if all four Buckeyes left early.

  17. So Rob is closest. It’s about Greg Oden. My guess is: Greg Oden used to be a woman.

  18. I bet its that Greg Oden is really 35 years old. Would that really surprise anyone anyway?

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