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Blog/site newsI know we’re right in the thick of Michigan Week, but we’ve been working behind the scenes to make MotSaG better.

I’ll be gradually updating the blogroll with a bunch of sites (mostly OSU blogs) that I’ve been meaning to add but always seem to be sidetracked. One of my favorites is The Blog for the Sports Gamer, a blog run by three sports (and video game) fans. It also turns out that one of the bloggers (Todd) happens to be from the sorry state up North and the other (Bill) is a dyed-in-the-wool Buckeye. They’ve always have a good mix of Sports posts and Video Game posts. So if you’re a gamer and a sports geek like me, check them out.

I’ve added a couple Google Ad units to help defray the cost of hosting the blog. As per terms of the serivce agreement, I’m not encouraging you to click on them, but just wanted to make sure you were aware of them.

We’ve added a item in the sidebar which highlights some of our favorite (and most popular) posts here at MotSaG. They were a lot of fun to write, but due to the nature of a blog, they’ve been buried by newer posts. This is a chance for new readers to check them out.

Of course, we’ll be bringing some good OSU/Michigan content over the next few days, and as sportsMonkey mentioned, we’ll be participating in the Battle of the Blogs of CSTV. I’ve post-dated Monkey’s post so it floats to the top until the end of the week.

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