Blogpoll Ballot, Week #11

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
3 Louisville 2
4 Texas
5 California 1
6 Auburn 1
7 Florida 3
8 Arkansas 1
9 Notre Dame 6
10 Boise State 1
11 Southern Cal 3
12 Rutgers 1
13 West Virginia 10
14 Wisconsin 2
15 LSU 1
16 Wake Forest 3
17 Tennessee 9
18 Oklahoma 3
19 Georgia Tech 3
20 Oregon 3
21 Brigham Young 3
22 Virginia Tech 4
23 Boston College 6
24 Oregon State 2
25 Maryland 1

Dropped Out: Texas A&M (#18), Clemson (#20), Tulsa (#25).

A few thoughts on our poll —

Notre Dame gained 6 spots because it was mysteriously absent from one of our voter’s ballot for a few weeks and just recently reappeared. I think it was punishment for almost losing to MSU. I guess our voter is over that now.

Another voter deemed Oregon State’s victory over USC enough to give them a solid rating, even with three loses. They did beat an okay ASU team but lost to an equally okay team in Wazzou. I’m personally not sold on them.

One team I was sad to see not make it into our top 25 is Hawai’i. They are throwing up HUGE offensive numbers against everyone. At 7-2 (losing by less than a touchdown to both Alabama and Boise) they are worthy of a top 25 ranking.

Any other thoughts?


  1. I ranked Hawaii in my poll… seems to me that too many of our pollsters are too inamored with BCS and big schools to see all of college football…..JMO

  2. el Kaiser – I’m not sold on Hawai’i yet… yes, they only lost by 8 points to Alabama, but Hawai’i didn’t look impressive at all in that game, until garbage time in the fourth quarter (where they scored their last TD).

    Plus, Alabama’s not a powerhouse this year. They’ll be fortunate to end the season at .500.

    I just don’t see the credentials, there… Hawai’i’s best game was a loss to a non-ranked team that “only” won by slightly more than a TD & will be lucky to finish at 6-6…?

    I can’t wait for the Purdue/Hawai’i game. I know Purdue is pretty weak in the Big Ten this year, but it’ll be interesting to see how an average Big Ten team matches up against the best of the WAC. (Midnight EST kickoff!!)

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