Blogpoll Ballot, Week #8

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State
2 Michigan 1
3 West Virginia 1
4 Southern Cal 1
5 Texas 2
6 Louisville
7 Auburn 4
8 Tennessee
9 California
10 Florida 8
11 Notre Dame 1
12 Arkansas 1
13 Clemson 1
14 Boise State 3
15 Georgia Tech
16 Oregon 2
17 Rutgers 3
18 LSU 3
19 Nebraska 4
20 Wisconsin 4
21 Boston College 5
22 Texas A&M 4
23 Wake Forest 3
24 Missouri 5
25 Brigham Young 1

Dropped Out: Iowa (#14), Georgia (#16), Virginia Tech (#22), Oklahoma (#25).

Again many games were watched. Again I think Sylvester-Yon Rambo may have watched all of them.

Not much to say here — I feel dirty having Texas A&M and Wake Forest in the top 25, but there they are.

Now that the SEC is done beating up on each other, it’s time for the Big East to cannibalize itself. It could happen!

Those darn five SEC teams (LSU/Auburn/Florida/Arkansas/Tennessee) could probably beat each other on any given day. What a group. I’m not saying the SEC is the best conference in the league, but without question it has the most parity. (sportsMonkey)


  1. I can’t agreee with WV at number 3. Anyone else in the top ten will romp on them. I would even be willing to say Boise State would hang with, if not beat, them. They have played nobody and will not play anybody. L-ville in the Big East is no Miami or even V-Tech. What makes WV a top five team? Is it because they were in a BCS bowl last year from a conference that should lose its automatic bid? Is it because of Slaton and White? Is it because you can leave the stadium at half time to drink in Morgantown? Is it because voters feel sorry for their luck of living a real-life Deliverance? Whatever it is I don’t see it.
    Anyways, Go Bucks, Beat Indiana (Has that ever been said outside of B-Ball?)

  2. Just curious…

    Why did folks drop Oklahoma from their ballot? Was it because of the injury? If so, that’s odd to drop a team pre-emptively, even though they crushed Iowa State.

    Also: BYU?

    Not arguing, just interested to see if I’m missing something obvious about these two teams.

  3. first to osubudman…..I would give you more credibility if you didnt say Louisville is no Miami……since Louisville beat Miami by 37 points this year. Not to mention Miami and V-Tech cant seem to beat anyone right now. And if WVU didnt belong in a BCS game last year…..Why did they beat the SEC champ in that game. WVU is a top 5 team because of thier talent and thier record and thats why….

    Second to sportsmonkey…….Oklahoma has been off of my top 25 since they got thier second loss of the year a few weeks ago. If you look at my top 25 I have booted all 2 loss teams (except BYU) which will be explained in a moment. Oklahoma will prob be back in the top 25 soon. As soon as there are more teams with more than 1 loss. Right now there are at least 24 teams with 0 or 1 loss. So I base my top 25 on overall record until it cant be done. Now why is BYU on my top 25 well that is due to me being a MORMON lol. I had to pick someone for 25 and no one else looked good enough for it. BYU did have a top 25 win over TCU #17 at the time and on a 19 game winning streak. Plus if you look at the AP and USA polls BYU is getting top 25 votes in both polls.

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