Blogpoll Ballot, Week #6

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State
2 Auburn
3 Southern Cal 1
4 Michigan 2
5 West Virginia 2
6 Florida 1
7 Louisville
8 Louisiana State 3
9 Texas 1
10 Oregon 2
11 Georgia 2
12 Notre Dame 2
13 Oklahoma 3
14 Tennessee 1
15 Clemson 4
16 Cal 2
17 Georgia Tech 7
18 Iowa 9
19 Boise State 1
20 Rutgers 1
21 Missouri 2
22 Virginia Tech 12
23 Nebraska 1
24 Texas Tech 2
25 Wake Forest 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#17), Purdue (#25).

Games we watched:
Rutgers/South Florida
Auburn/South Carolina

A few thoughts:

Teams #3-6 are pretty much interchangeable, only separated by a point or two in our 4-man poll. Michigan has steadily climbed to #3. I know I’m in the minority of Buckeye fans with this kind of thinking, but I’m glad the Wolverines are doing well. I’d love to be able to say we beat three top five teams this year. That being said, I’m still counting on Lloyd remembering who he is and choking in Happy Valley. That will be a sad day indeed.

Virginia Tech fell the furthest after their loss to Georgia Tech, which looks like it could be a good team. Which makes figuring out Notre Dame frustrating. They lost to a great Michigan team, but what about GT? They played ND tough. Illinois beat Michigan State, who had Notre Dame down for the count. So Notre Dame is still an enigma to me.

Good luck to Florida for the next three weeks. That’s gonna be a tough stretch. Ouch.


  1. I’m just one vote of four here… but was surprised that UM leapfrogged Florida in our ballot.

    Florida had a much better performance last weekend than UM did, getting a really impressive win against a tough Alabama team. UM had an average performance against Minnesota, and wasn’t close to being dominant.

    UM has a tough three weeks coming up, too – MSU, Penn St., and Iowa.

    By the end of October, we’ll know who’s pretending.

  2. Sylvester-Yon Rambo says

    I too am disturbed by our poll again…..I dont know how in the world USC can move up after the last 2 weeks performances being so bad against such bad teams. Also how does WVU drop 2 spots during a BYE week, Florida dropped because of thier game against Alabama……AL is not in the top 25 and Fl was at home and they barely beat Alabama if not for 2 late scores they may have lost……As for U of M I hate to say it but they were dominant over Minn and have been all year long … they earned a boost in rankings in my mind…..allthough I truly believe LLLLoyd will show his true colors in the next few weeks……I believe the Buckeyes will have the Big 10 championship and BCS berth in hand before the GAME……

  3. Rambo – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WHO HAS WEST VIRGINIA BEAT?! No one, SYR, no one.

    monkey – I agree with SYR on Michigan — they may have slacked off in the 2nd half of the Minnesota game, but they were in control the whole time. Michigan is tough.

  4. SYR – I respectfully disagree. Fla was totally dominant last Saturday, over a tough Alabama team.

    I’ll second el Kaiser’s opinion of WVA, but the same thing applies to UM. Who have they played? A ND team that ranks 100th in total defense, that OSU shredded for 617 yards. And they were not dominant, but in fact pretty wishy-washy against Minnesota. UM gave up more rushing yards against a below-average Minnesota team than their previous four games combined, and Payne had over 100 yards receiving against UM’s “vaunted” secondary. There is no way UM’s average performance against Minnesota makes them worthy of being in the nation’s elite (top two or three).

    I haven’t posted it yet (still working on it), but the MotSaGers can check the “UM analysis” stub I’ve saved, for more persuasive argument. 😉

  5. Sylvester-Yon Rambo says

    Kaiser- I will prove my point to you now…..WVU has beaten nobody…..neither has USC and you had to of ranked them higher this week. There only decent win is against Nebraska who needed OT at home to beat Kansas who lost to Toledo….

    USC’s record

    09/02 at Arkansas W 50-14
    09/16 #19 Nebraska W 28-10
    09/23 at Arizona W 20-3
    09/30 at Wash St W 28-22

    WVU’s record ….which is nothing to brag about either

    09/02 Marshall W 42-10
    09/09 E Wash W 52-3
    09/14 Maryland W 45-24
    09/23 at E Carolina W 27-10

    My point El Keiser is this A legitamate poll voter would not reward USC for looking bad against 2 bad teams 2 weeks in a row. Now you may not think WVU is a better team than USCwhis argueable today…..but by the end of the season WVU will prob still be undefeated while USC will not so it is all for not as they will not play each other this year to see who is really better.

    My theory has always been based on 2 criteria when voting Who played better and who do I think would win on a neutral field…..I strongly believe WVU This week would have beaten USC… can disagree but dont base it off of a hatred for rednecks or who has a better SOS cause they both have pathetic SOS

  6. Sylvester-Yon Rambo says

    and now to my brief response to sortsmonkey i will leave you with these facts….

    Alabama was leading 7-0 after the first quarter

    Alabama was leading 10-7 at halftime

    Florida led 14-10 after the 3rd quarter

    it was 14-13 Florida with 6 mins to go in the game…….at no point did Florida dominate the game with alabama…..I know this cause I watched the whole game lol…….These facts are why I proved I am correct in my previous statement that Florida looked bad against a non top 25 team at HOME and any top 10 team can never do this.

  7. Okay, SYR… you’ve convinced me. 😉 I didn’t know that Fla struggled for most of the game. Serves me right for reading ESPN recap.

    BUT… your logic intrigues me. You dropped Fla for not being dominant over Bama… but OSU had a nearly identical game against Penn State a couple of weeks ago, and you didn’t drop the Buckeyes. ?????

  8. Sylvester-Yon Rambo says

    HE double hockey sticks no I didnt……..cause OSU is still the best team in the nation and there is no doubt in most minds of that……but the rest of the top 10 is subjected to more scrutiny due to the fact that they arent no 1 and have to earn a trip to the Fiesta bowl to play the Bucks for the title. plus that near loss for the Buckeyes was against a top 25 program… if they do that this week against BGSU I for sure will rank them at 1.25 or something like that lol….I do think it is good that as a group we finally have something we dont all agree about and it gives us something to fight passionately about to keep our scarlet blood flowing…..Just so everyone knows I have WVU @ #2 in my poll since pre season and cant change that till someone takes that from them……But a U of M win this weekend may do that.

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