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I know everyone in Buckeye Country is in Texas Game Mode, but if you’ve got a few minutes when you’re not thinking about The Longhorns, here are a few quick hits worth checking out:

Any Buckeye fan worth his salt has red-hot rage directed at ESPN’s wunderkind Mark May. Nothing makes us happier than watching him be wrong time after time. Well, the guys at markmaybewrong are positioning themselves as the Sports media watchdog. In particular, Mark May’s picks history are what we’re most interested in. The setup they’ve got is great and they’re doing really good work. Make sure you check them out.

I’ve been reading Will Collier, the Vodka Pundit, for a while and knew he was a Auburn football fan. Well, he’s launched a dedicated sports blog, From the Bleachers. I’m personally high on Auburn (I have them #2 in my personal poll) so FTB is a must read for me.

Last week, Sports Illustrated had their list of “Players who need to perform.” At number 2 was John Kerr. Unfortunately, he didn’t perform very well in the Northern Illinois (1 assist), prompting Ross Homan to pull even with him on the depth chart. Kerr’s had a tough road so far, I hope he kicks into a higher gear for Texas.

Want to know what’s it’s like to be a Cleveland sports fan? Just look at the names of a smattering of Cleveland Sports blogs:

Right. We’re not bitter.


  1. As the author of The Disappointment Zone I have to say that I\’m not bitter. After many long years of annual depression and regret, I have made peace with the fact a) I\’m always going to support Cleveland sports teams and b) that Cleveland sports teams are ultimately more disappointing than satisfying. I\’m in a monk-like state of contentment. \’The Disappointment Zone\’ as a title is just a way to draw in others who have walked the same path as myself. I\’m here to bring them home, to a place where the layers of disappointment they feel can peel off like sodden clothes and the waves of remorse and sadness that come with the territory slide right off nary a trace left behind.

  2. JDW – Pure poetry, man.

  3. Bitter — or resigned to our fate???


  1. […] One time The Disappointment Zone was mentioned as an example of the “bitter, cynical individuals” that are Cleveland sports fans (not my words, that’s for sure). And recently The Disappointment Zone was mentioned as emblematic of how many Cleveland sports fans feel (this is much more appropriate). It should be noted that other blogs with similar titles, some of which can be found in the blogroll to the right, are cited in conjunction with the DZ. […]

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