Link Roundup

There’s a piece at Bucknuts about Antonio Smith, our future starting cornerback, a former walk-on. He’s a Mechanical Engineer, which is quite impressive.

Sports Illustrated’s Top 5 collegiate mobile QBs (Troy, of course, is #1)

SI also looks at the maturation of Troy Smith.

More from SI, the top 15 games of the 2006 season. OSU/Michigan clocks in at #4 and OSU/Texas at #2. They have USC/ND as the number one game, which I don’t think is gonna mean much when Notre Dame will have already lost 2 games, but that’s just me. When we look back at this list, both OSU games will mean more.

Some unfortunate (but deserved) news about former Indian Albert Belle. He’s in a little trouble for being a little too interested in an ex-girlfriend. From the sound of his technical prowess, I wonder if he was an Electrical Engineer.

Tickets to the OSU/Texas game last year were a hot commodity, and it looks like it’s no different for this year’s game in Texas.

The guys at MGoBlog look at OSU’s season, albeit from a Wolverine’s perspective. The best quote, though, comes from their look at the kickers:

I swear to God that if this Ryan Pretorius or Aaron Pettry kid is another Nugent or Huston I am going to flip out and kill stuff. It’s MGoBlog policy not to speculate on unproven kickers, but seriously: flip out and kill stuff. You have been warned.


  1. Off topic, I know…my apologies…..

    As promised, here’s my final OSU highlight reel before the season begins. Feel free to spread it around, and I hope you like it!!!


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