Link Roundup #3

This is a couple weeks old, but as a gamer myself, this article about the ECU football players reacting to their digital-selves in EA’s football game, NCAA 2007, is pretty interesting.

Every Indians fan knows that Travis Hafner, aka Pronk, is one of the best players in the league. He’s often compared to Big Papi, David Ortiz. Ben Valentine at Sportszilla look at the stats and use them to show the Pronk is, in fact, the most feared designated hitter in the American League.

OSU Fan favorite Bam Childress has a chance to make the New England Patriot’s roster. Go Bam!

Speaking of Buckeyes with their NFL stock rising, Simon Fraser has been turning heads at Browns camp.

Dennis Dodd, CBSportsline extraordinaire, seems to have had a brain aneurysm or some other blunt trauma to his brain as he was compiling his list of the top 25 college football stadiums, as he seems to have left of The Horseshoe. Huh? This guy knows his college football!

Keith at Buckeye Commentary takes a look at Freshmen that will probably be redshirting this season. His lists look spot on, solid work as always.

The outlook isn’t good for Mike D’Andrea: Chronic knee problems may keep him from playing this season. This kills me, as I was a huge fan of D’Andrea when he splashed on to the scene as a freshman. He was a freak of nature back then. Now it looks like he might not have been built for the wear and tear of football at this level.

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