Link roundup #2

Some links from the past week or so in sports:

Cleveland’s Travis Hafner has tied Don Mattingly’s record for number of Grand Salamis in a season – 6. He’s got two months to get the record all to himself.

Ex-Trojan LenDale White spit on the wrong person at Tennessee’s practice last week – Buckeye Donnie Nickey. If you get a chance, watch the video over at ESPN. It’s educational — at USC you can attend “Win Friends and Influence People 101” taught by Robbie Alomar, where you learn, among other things, the lost art of spitting on people. At OSU, you learn life-long lessons, like how a football helmet can be used an assault weapon.

You might have heard this before, but the Buckeyes are rebuilding their defense. Defensive Coordinator Jim Heacock says there’s still work to do. He does have positive news about Mike D’Andrea and says MotSaG favorite Vernon Gholston is looking good.

Alex Boone, after a brush with the law earlier this year, came clean about his drinking problem. And by problem, we mean drinking more beer in a day than a family of four drinks water. In a week.

And finally, we’ll let James Laurinaitis sum up what the next 18 days are going to be like while we wait for College Football to start:

James Laurinaitis
Someone wake me up September 2nd

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