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Since this is the inaugural season for Men of the Scarlet and Gray, it will also be our first participation in the Blog Poll (if we get accepted, that is). That being said, we can’t resist an invitation to talk about the most important people here, Us. Besides, since MotSaG is relatively new, this will give you a chance to learn a little about us (each MotSaG contributor will update this post with their own answers). So without further ado, from EDSBS, we present to you our answers to the Blog Poll Roundtable.

1. Education. List the region of the country you were born in, what universities you attended and at least one other you would have attended if your alma mater didn’t exist.

el Kaiser: Born in Utah, raised in Ohio. I attended tOSU earning both my BSECE and MSEE. If the Ohio State University didn’t exist, I probably would have ended up working as a mason.

sportsMonkey: Born in Columbus, raised in Columbus, work in Columbus. Attended both Columbus State and tOSU. If neither were available, I probably would have gone to another fine Ohio institution, say, Miami or BG. Or clown college. That’d be awesome. I’ll have to ask my manager about that one…

2. Sports Affiliations. List your top 10 favorite teams in all of sports in decending order. For instance, your alma mater’s football team may be number 1, but perhaps there is a professional team that squeezes in before you get to your alma mater’s lacrosse team.

el Kaiser: 1. Ohio State Football, 2. Cleveland Browns, 3. Ohio State Basketball, 4. Cleveland Cavaliers, 5. Cleveland Indians, 6. FC Barcelona 7. Columbus Crew, 8. North Royalton Bears Football, 9. Penn State Football, 10. Columbus Blue Jackets

sportsMonkey: 1. 2002 OSU football team, 2. 2005 OSU football team, 3. 1995 OSU football team, 4. Blue Jackets hockey, 5. 1998 OSU football team, 6. Cinci Reds, 7. OSU basketball, 8. Cinci Bengals football, 9. Cleveland Browns football, 10. 1975 OSU football team.

3. Movies. List the movie you’ve watched the most, your favorite sports related movie, the movie you secretly love but don’t like to admit it (possibly a chick flick or b film), and the movie you were (or still are) most looking forward to from this summer’s season.

el Kaiser:
Seen the most: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,
Sports Movie: Remember the Titans (I don’t really care for sports movies)
Secretly Love: Spawn
Looking forward to most: Superman

Seen the most: 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or, Bikini Warriors from the Moon. (Hey, I gotta sci-fi thing goin’ on. Besides, daddy needs his “me time.”)
Sports Movie: The Waterboy (Best part is when the UM towel boy gets creamed)
Secretly Love: Anything by Pixar
Looking forward to most: Cars

4. Music. List your favorite band from middle school, high school, college and today. Also, as with the movies, include the song you secretly love but don’t like to admit. If Nickleback is involved in any of these responses, please give a detailed explanation as to why, god, why.

el Kaiser: (I couldn’t pick just one)
Middle School: Beastie Boys
High School: Metallica and Alice in Chains
College: Fuel, 311, Pet Shop Boys, The Fugees
Today: Cake, Erasure (but I’ll still rock out, bro)
Secretly Love: Anything by Maroon 5

Middle School: Dokken/AC-DC
High School: Joe Satriani/Yngwie Malmsteen
College: Rush/Yes
Today: Dokken/AC-DC/Joe Satriani/Yngwie Malmsteen/Rush/Yes (Haven’t bought a CD in a while)
Secretly Love: The Dead Schembechlers

5. Books. Favorite book you’ve finished, worst book you’ve finished and the book you really should read but haven’t gotten around to it.

el Kaiser
Favorite: The Hobbit
Worst: The Number of the Beast
Should: Too numerous to list

Favorite: The Martian Chronicles
Worst: The Da Vinci Code
Should: Moby Dick

6. Travel. Favorite city you’ve every been to and the one place you still must visit before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

el Kaiser: Favorite City: It’s a toss up between Venice and Barcelona. Must visit: Prague or Tokyo

Favorite City: Munich
Must Visit: Florence

7. What do you love most about college football in 20 words or less?

el Kaiser: The incomparable script Ohio and the dotting of the I.

sportsMonkey: Crowd noise. Marching bands. Bright green fields. Chilly afternoons, freezing evenings. Breath steam hissing through facemasks. Young men achieving greatness.

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