Week #1: Youngstown State University – Open Thread

OSU FootballIs it just me, or did this season just all of a sudden start? Holy crap, that happened fast. We were definitely caught off-guard, blogging-wise. We had all sorts of preseason preview post ideas and things we wanted to talk about, but simply ran out of time.

Now that I think about it, with 18 returning starters, what really is there to preview? We saw what this team did last year and there’s no reason to think they can’t duplicate that success. So instead of previewing the team, let’s talk about a few things we don’t know about.

Tressel has already said Terrel Pryor will see the field, and not just in mop-up duty. How many snaps do you think he sees in “non-mop-up duty”? How many of those plays do you think he’s actually involved in?

Beanie is the man, of this there is no question. What are you most anxious to see these first few games out of the back field? Boom Herron showing off the speed? Maurice Wells have a respectable senior season?

What areas make you nervous this year?

Besides Pryor, which freshman are you excited to see in action this year?

Oh, and I guess there’s the issue of the actual game. For the most comprehensive preview, be fed from Buckeye Planet’s information buffet.

And finally, how badly does Ohio State beat YSU? Let us know all this and more in the comments.

sportsMonkey’s answers:
Pryor’s “non mop-up” snaps: Just a few, less than 5, in the first half. I think we’ll see him do a series or two in the fourth after Bauserman does a series or two in the late 3rd.

Anxious to see in backfield: I just want to see Beanie start a season at full-throttle for once.

Areas that make me nervous: Kickoff returns and dropped interceptions… hopefully OSU will solve those problems this season.

Freshmen besides Pryor? Boom Herron will be interesting to watch, too. The fact that he’s listed ahead of senior Maurice Wells on the depth chart – something Tressel hates to do – proves that his fall camp was much more productive than expected.

How badly does OSU beat YSU? By five touchdowns.