MotSaG Chat with Tyrek Tisdale


Recruiting is a constant process. There is no off-season and there is no it is too early to talk about a recruit because he is only a sophomore. There are recruits in middle schools getting offers and even some still in elementary school. So to have the chance to sit down and talk with a High School kid going into his Junior year it is refreshing. So I sat down today and talked with Tyrek Tisdale a 6’2″ 200 lbs Safety/Running Back from Orlando, Florida.

Tyrek has been on a nationwide tour with a group of Florida HS footballers and visited several school where he also received his first 4 offers from UAB, Louisville, Miami of Florida, and Ohio State. Tyrek said “It has been ridiculous, visiting 8 different Division 1 schools.”.

Tyrek grew up a fan of the Oregon Ducks and who can blame him for most of his life Oregon has been a mecca for offensive minded players who want to showcase their skills on the national scene. The uniforms alone can draw in HS recruits and fans a like. Tyrek doesn’t have any plans right now to visit Oregon but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him eventually make his way to Eugene to take in the gloriousness that is Nike.

Where else does Tyrek have visits planned for this summer? He tells me ” I plan to go visit Miami and Ohio State again this summer.”. Which begged the question for him… Will distance play any roll in where he decides to attend college. His answer was quick and precise “No distance wouldn’t be an issue.” Which is great to hear if you are an OSU fan. He clearly has no qualms leaving Florida or the south.

Tyrek visited Ohio State not to long ago and thoroughly enjoyed the visit telling me that he most enjoyed “Learning about the academics and visiting Buckeye Grove.” Buckeye Grove is a huge draw for receuits because it shows in a grand way how many OSU players have come there and had all-american careers. He also was able to sit down and talk to Coach Meyer and Coach Drayton and loved what they told him. He was also able to meet and chat with current OSU TE Jeff Heuerman on the visit.

Keeping his options open are important to him right now. Tyrek is just getting going into the recruiting process and is getting a crash course early on. He doesn’t have a plan for when he will commit but he does have an early leader for his services telling me that Ohio State is his leader right now and that he could see himself being a Buckeye someday. When I asked him what he would Buckeye Nation to know about him the most his answer was extremely revealing… “I would love for Buckeye Nation to know that we will always beat That Team Up North.”. While he is not ready to commit you can tell he knows what is important about being a Buckeye and that he already considers himself a member of Buckeye Nation.

This is definitely a young player that OSU fans need to get to know and watch and you can do that by following him on Twitter by clicking @TyrekTisdale.

You can view his highlights by clicking Hudl.