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4star_recruit_iconosuHelmetAs mentioned in previous articles, having star recruits as your teammates in earlier recruiting classes might leave you in the shadow and out of the limelight.  But, when you have TWO teammates going big time, well then, transfer because you probably won’t get any recognition.  That is not the case with 2016 wide receiver recruit from STVM in Akron, Ohio, Tyrece Speaight.  Tyrece’s two teammates, as I’m sure many of you know , are Dante Booker and Parris Campbell.  In fact, Dante Booker and Parris Campbell are the main reasons why Urban Meyer knows who Speaight is.  Speaight recalls, “It was the state championship game, and Urban Meyer was at the game.  I made a really nice pick and I remember just thinking, WOW! I just made an interception with Urban Meyer watching the game!”  It was then that he was taking notice of Meyer.  He has a strong relationship with Urban Meyer now and with Ed Warriner.  He says those are just some of the reasons that he loves Ohio State.

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“I love the coaches there.  I really just feel at home there.  Especially with Dante and Parris being there and also I talk to Doran Grant a lot.  He just tells me it was the best decision he has made and he loves it there.  Parris also kind of took me under his wing and we have talked about playing together in college”

There are many things in favor for Ohio State and Speaight, but Michigan is the team he grew up rooting for.  He had good things to say about Michigan, saying,  “I talk to coach Singletary a lot, he is the director of player personnel there.  Mike Hart was also my favorite player growing up, I loved watching him play.  OSU was the first team to really start recruiting me, but Michigan is recruiting me the hardest.”

Speaight was just at Ohio State for the NFTC and performed so well that he thought he was going to be the MVP.  From all sources and accounts, he performed very well at the camp.  He is also going back on June 21st for the camp and will also visit the facilities and academics then too.  It is then that he hopes to earn an offer.  But if not, he knows that he still has to develop a relationship with all of the coaches.

The versatile athlete, who can play multiple positions says he is nowhere near a decision, but hopes to make one after his Jr year.  He does not have any leaders but loves OSU, Notre Dame, and Michigan.  He has the strongest relationship with the Michigan coaches.  If you don’t find Speaight on the football field, you can surely find him in the chess room.  “I know that not everyone knows this about me, but I used to  be in the chess club when I was younger.  I love playing chess!”  He has a clear message for Ohio State fans if he comes here by telling buckeye fans, “Hopefully if I come there, we can win a championship! Go Bucks!!”

Tyrece Speaight is very athletic, as shown by being able to play multiple positions.  I think Ohio State is in good position right now with Speaight because it’s early, but I think that Michigan is in an even better spot right now.  But it’s early and he has many friends at Ohio State like Dante and Parris.  It will be interesting to follow him the next couple of seasons at STVM.

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