MotSaG Chat with Steven Smothers

There is one thing Urban Meyer covets more than anything else as far as skills go in every recruit he targets. It doesn’t matter if it is a RB or WR or OL he wants speed and he wants lots of it. He wants his teams to be faster, give more effort, and be in better condition then every team. Steven Smothers is the kind of recruit that fits that mold perfectly and that is why Coach Meyer and his staff have made him a priority for the 2016 class.


Steven Smothers is a 5’9″ 162 lbs 4 star Wide Receiver from Reisterstown, MD. He is also the 62nd best player in the country and the 8th best WR prospect. Steven took some time recently to answer some questions and discuss his recruitment so far and what kind of recruit he is. It doesn’t take long to get to know the very outgoing and engaging WR recruit. He has a way about himself that reminds me of some of the best WRs to ever play football. He has a confidence about himself that while some old fogies may call it cocky most will understand it is just the way the wide receiver position has evolved in the last 2 decades. He is the kind of player who wants Buckeye Nation to know “That I’m the most electrifying player in the class of 2016!”. He truly believes that and when he says it you just know that he means to prove it as well.

So what makes Steven Smothers a recruit that Coach Meyer covets well first there is the speed factor. The speedy WR runs a 4.43 forty yard dash which is blazing fast but he is also agile. He is not a straight line speed only guy. He will make moves and even though his frame is small is not afraid to go across the middle and make plays any where on the field. In his Sophomore season in High School he had 50 catches for 1059 yards and 1895 all purpose yards and 17 Tds! Again I remind you that is as a Sophomore in high school. His upside is tremendous and will be a nationally coveted WR prospect. His highlight film speaks for itself.

Recently Smothers named Ohio State his leader with West Virginia as his no. 2 school. While many OSU fans will say well then it must be a slam dunk for OSU to land him. There should be no doubt that WVU is in this and will be till the very end. First, Tavon Austin the former all everything from WVU is Stevens God Brother and the two are extremely close. Steven says that Tavon gives him some solid advice on his recruitment but the most important thing he tells him is “to have fun with the whole process!” When I asked Steven how close is WVU to his leader OSU he said “Real close, I’ve been there so many times I’m really comfortable with that school an the coaches now!”. S as you can see the Mountaineers are in this and will be tough to beat and OSU will have to put the full press on Smothers through the whole process.

When will Steven get back to visit Ohio State? He plans on attending Friday Nights in July. Which is great news for OSU as this is the premier camp for OSU that shows recruits everything the staff and school can offer possible commits. Don’t think this will process will end any time soon though. When asked about his timeline for committing Steven made it clear he will take more time than most in fact his goal is “I’m going to sign a week or two after national signing day… I want to be the last big name recruit to sign!” Which once again reminds you of just the kind of player he is confident and outspoken young man who as I will remind you wants you to know he is “the most electrifying player in the class of 2016!” He says it with so much gusto that I really do believe him.

You can follow Steven Smothers on Twitter by clicking @KingSmoth_