Twittering Buckeyes

Are we college football fans creepy or what? We fawn over the whims of 17 year-old boys as they decide which institution of higher learning they will commit to (hoping it’s ours!), watch their every move for three to four years (or, in the case of Todd Boeckman, seven or eight (I know, they’re called doctors)). Then, after all they’ve done, after they’ve entertained us, made us laugh and cry, we dissect them in the most inhuman way possible (AKA the NFL Combine). So let’s throw in another way we can be creepy (maybe creepy is too harsh a word. Either way, it’s a little strange) by following our favorite Buckeyes on Twitter.

Twitter has been around for a while now, but let’s be honest: it didn’t get interesting until the Big Aristotle started tweeting. Since then, athletes have been one of the reasons Twitter has become interesting and mainstream. I’m not saying the following Buckeye Tweeters are interesting, but some most certainly are. There are times when I don’t understand a word these kids are saying. Seriously, can’t understand a word. Sometimes, their insights and thoughts are rather deep and provoking. It’s interesting to see how the other half lives. Also: athletes nap A LOT.

With that in mind, here are the following Buckeyes you can follow (with mixed results) on Twitter. As far as I can tell, these guys are who they say they are:

Current Football Players:

Thaddeus Maximus (who happens to be following John McCain, Oprah and Kevin Rose, FWIW)
Rob Rose Jr.
Ray Small
Michael Brewster
Brian Rolle
Jack Mewhort
Jermale Hines
Andrew Sweat
Kurt Coleman
Keith Wells
Jake McQuaide
Duron Carter
Chimdi Chekwa

Former Buckeye Football Players:

Antonio Pittman
Curtis Terry
Chris Beanie Wells
Roy Hall Jr.
Donte Whitner
Troy Smith
Dee Miller
Ted Ginn Jr.
Rob Sims
A.J. Trapasso
Nate Clements
Nick Mangold
Maurice wells
Maurice Hall
Matt Keller
Santonio Holmes

Current Ohio State Basketball Players:

Jon Diebler
Dave Lighty
Evan Turner
Dallas Lauderdale
Mark Titus

Former Ohio State Basketball Players:

Daequan Cook
Mike Conley
Ron Lewis
Jay Sullinger
Jim Jackson
Ron Stokes
Jamar Butler
Je’Kel Foster

Future Buckeyes:

Jared Sullinger
Christian Bryant

So there you have it. Lots of Twittering Buckeyes. This post will eventually become a static page that will be updated as more Twitter accounts become available, but this is the first draft. If we’re missing someone that you know is on Twitter, please leave us a comment.

Also, just to do a little self-promoting, a few of us at MotSaG are on Twitter. I’m i_aint_yer_pa, sportsMonkey is monkeyPi, and YNBA is teamyzerman. Are you on Twitter? Let us know who you are!