MotSaG Chat with Jared Payton

The 2017 class for the state of Ohio is loaded with talent. So much so that even though it is 2014 and these kids are just finishing up their Freshman year of high school they are already receiving lots of interest and offers and in some instances like Danny Clark already committed to their dream school. Jared Payton falls in the group of big time talents who are receiving a ton of interest from some of the biggest schools in the country. Jared made a visit this past weekend to Ohio State and took some time after to talk with me about that experience.

Jared who grew up a Florida Gators fan and has told me that is his dream school made the trek to OSU on Saturday. The trek was short as he lives maybe 20 mins from Ohio State in Gahanna. The Safety/Linebacker was hoping to be impressed with Ohio State and by the sounds of it they didn’t let him down. When I asked how did it go his response with was quick and to the point “OMG it was amazing”.


Jared spent most of the day on Saturday taking a tour of Ohio State and meeting coaches and other recruits. He said he got to talk with Coach Meyer and Asst. Head Coach/RB coach Stan Drayton and was impressed by both of them. Jared fell in love with the campus and was thrilled with what he heard about the Academics side. Jared mentioned about how the coaches talked to them about life after football and always having a need for a Plan B. That the coaches hope to turn the players not only into better players but better men.

Jared spent time getting to know some fellow recruits like Miles Joseph, Drew Harvey, and George Hill. Rumors were swirling around on Saturday that George Hill was close to committing. Jared said Coach Meyer talked a lot about George Hill in the meetings and that George rally loves OSU and could see him committing to OSU and possibly playing together some day.

Jared mentioned that visiting the weight room was one of his favorite parts of the visit. He said it was extremely impressive and brand new. He again mentioned the academics side as another favorite part of the visit. He is unsure what he will major in but academics will help him with his Plan B. Jared didn’t get an offer on Saturday but did walk away impressed overall and said the visit was a perfect 10 and that Ohio State is right at the top of his list equal with even his childhood dream school Florida.

When asked what one thing he would like Buckeye fans to know about him he said… “To play for the Buckeyes would be a high honor! And I will bring everything I have all the time on the field! No one will out work me!”

You can follow Jared on Twitter by clicking @JaredPayton15