Jared Mayden Previews Visit for Friday Night Lights

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Texas is one of the richest states in terms of high school football talent.  The movie, Friday Night Lights, is based in Texas.  They compromise a good percentage of a lot of recruiting rankings and that does not change with class of 2016 cornerback Jared Mayden.  Mayden, a 6-0 cornerback from Texas, has offers from all of the top programs around the country.  His list includes the likes of Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, and Ohio State.  Mayden was offered by Ohio State on June 26th and is being heavily recruited by Coach Ash.  He has a strong interest in Ohio State for a number of reasons, one of them being the success the program has had under Urban Meyer.

Jared Mayden Really Likes Ohio State

“I love how the program is doing and the continued success they have there,” Mayden said of why he is very interested.  “They have such a strong tradition.  They win a lot of bowl games and they also send a lot of defensive backs into the NFL.” Mayden is visiting for Friday Night Lights this Friday and is really excited about it.  He has not been to Ohio State and is excited to meet all of the coaches in person.  “I cannot wait to get to Columbus,” he said of his upcoming visit.  “I am excited to meet the coaches in person and to improve my game with them.  I hope I have the chance to check out the campus and facilities while I am there also. I am very excited to go on this visit.”  Chris Ash is his main recruiter and the two are starting to build a strong relationship.  He told me that he and Ash talk quite a bit and he is excited to meet him in person.  Tom Herman usually covers Texas when it comes to recruiting but I am guessing that because Ash is the position coach, Urban told him to get his guys on the field.

All of the big Texas schools have offered Mayden except for Texas Tech, so he does not have to travel far if he wishes to play college football.  I asked him whether or not there was any pressure or necessity to stay in Texas for football and he told me that he is going to go wherever he feels is the best fit for him.  He is open to everyone recruiting him and pretty soon he is going to have offers from everyone across the country.  When he is not training for football, odds are he is sharpening his guitar and piano skills.  We were joking around that if football does not work out, he could start a band.  I asked him what he would like to say to Buckeyenation and he answered, “I am excited to visit Ohio State!”  Jared is one of the best cornerbacks in the 2016 class.  I am interested to talk with Jared after his visit to Ohio State and I think with a good visit, they could become a serious contender for his services.