MotSaG Chat with Isiah Scott

Isiah Scott is an Outside Linebacker/Wide Receiver coming out of the 2015 Class. He is from Hubbard, Ohio and is 6’3 and weighs around 200 lbs. Isiah has a couple offers, but will definitely pick up more in the future. 247 Sports ranks him as the 63rd player coming out of Ohio. He was given an 84 overall and three stars. Read below to learn more about Isiah.


Andrew: How has the recruiting process been?

Isiah: It’s going. I mean I’m waiting until the season to start, I was thinking it’s gonna pick up by then.

Andrew: What schools have offered?

Isiah: Only two so far, Kentucky and Cincinnati.

Andrew: What other schools are showing interest?

Isiah: Well MSU, Ohio State, Pitt, Penn State, Syracuse, Toledo, West Virginia and Indiana.

Andrew: Where have you visited?

Isiah: I visited West Virginia, Pitt, MSU and Ohio State.

Andrew: How was the Ohio State visit?

Isiah: Perfect man. It was so legit. Everything up there was nice. Haha I fell in love with the campus and the coaching staff is great.

Andrew: What did the coaches tell you?

Isiah: They said I need to have a bomb year! And for me to buckle down on my grades. Grades come first.

Andrew: What schools are closest to offering?

Isiah: I know MSU is going to offer in the season but I believe Ohio State will offer me. I’m on my P’s and Q’s this year it is going to happen.

Andrew: How would you describe your game?

Isiah: I’m a fast player. I like to catch the ball. I read my keys easily.

Andrew: How are you feeling about the upcoming football season?

Isiah: We went 12-1 last year. Myself and a couple other seniors are trying to take our team to states. 15-0, nothing less we won’t take less. Defense needs to be solid because in the playoffs defense wins games. Well all year around hats to the football. I want a physical team.

Andrew: When would you like to commit?

Isiah: Probably towards the end before playoffs just because I’m trying to give it time. So if Ohio State or anyone would offer me and don’t do it until the end I could wait to actually commit.

Andrew: What do you like doing off the field?

Isiah: I love working out. I love eating I could eat for days. I’m trying to gain 10-15 pounds. Also getting in shape I like running. Oh I can’t forget this one haha I like playing Xbox straight Madden lol.

Andrew: Anything else you want people to know?

Isiah: Any team we play I’m going to be all over the field. My team has one mind set and one goal. And that’s the State Title without a question.