Who is YNBA? Why am I here? Stop yelling at me!!


So…You may have noticed a new moniker posting on MotSaG.


Who is this guy?

If the smell of warm Hefeweizen and stale GORP has an air of familiarity, don’t be scared. You are in the presence of a manufacturer of bookish mediocrity…

YNBA (“You’ll Never Buckeye Alone”) or the artist formerly known as “Herringbone” from Death Cab for Woody has made the move to MotSaG. If you are fretting for new material at DCfW (I mean…seriously…who isn’t?), continue to fret good people, because the site has “gone the way of the dodo” and ceases to be. Don’t expect new material…evah.

Why is he here?

The fine gentleman at MotSaG were gracious enough to extend an offer to an aging veteran in the twilight of his short blogging career in hopes of kindling a literary rapture. Much love to the sportsMonkey and el Kaiser.

What will he do?

Well…after this post, he will no longer write about himself in the third person, but he digresses…

For those of you familiar with my style of writing (some people have and will continue to call it drivel), it contains copious amounts of sarcasm with a dash of angst towards anyone that is considered as a “fanatic” In my world, a fanatic is a person who simply refuses to let things like facts or evidence get in the way of a belief (I’m looking at you SHESH-SHEE-SHEE fan…and Carson Palmer). The correct mixture of this angst and sarcasm will sometimes result in a finely prepared quiche of unadulterated sports lovin’ ready to satisfy the palate of the OSU sports fans that already frequent this site.

Seriously…I look forward to trying to keep up with the current level of awesomeness that already exists at MotSaG and, again, thank sportsMonkey and el Kaiser for the opportunity.