A Farewell to Chris Jent

It’s been over a month since Chris Jent left Ohio State’s coaching staff to join his friend Mike Malone in Sacramento. I have a fondness for Chris Jent. I remember watching him play for the Buckeye’s basketball team from 1988-1992. Jent wasn’t one of the best players to put on the Scarlet and Gray but he was one of mine (and I’m sure countless other fan’s) favorite Buckeye’s. Chris played in 123 games averaged 8.2 points per game, 3.9 rebounds, 1.7 assists while playing almost 23 minutes each game. His last game was in the Elite Eight game in 1992. The only time the “Fab Five” beat OSU that season. Jent left his mark on fans with his hustle, diving all over the floor for loose balls. As I watched Aaron Craft this past postseason he reminded me of Jent during his tenure.

In 1993 he won Gold in 1993 playing for the United States in the FIBA Wold Championship. Chris went on to play three seasons in the NBA winning a ring with the Houston Rockets in 1994. He played 3 regular season games for the Rockets that year then played the same amount of games for the New York Knicks in the 96-97 season. Chris played more games in the postseason for the Rockets (11 games) than his whole regular season career.

Jent coaching career includes stops in Philadelphia in 2003-2004 as an assistant coach for the 76ers. The following season he was an assistant for Orlando but was put in as a interim head coach replacing Johnny Davis for the final 18 games. Before Chris’ return back to the Buckeye’s bench he made a stop in Cleveland as an assistant coach/player developer having helped a player you might have heard of in Lebron James. He served as LBJ’s personal shooting coach. June 29th,2011 Thad Matta introduced Jent as his new assistant coach and was awarded by Chris helping lead the team to the Final Four in 2012.

June 10th, 2013 Mike Malone welcomed his friend Chris Jent to Sacramento becoming an assistant coach for the Kings. Malone and Jent have been friends since they were 16 meeting at a basketball camp that year. They played AAU ball against each other. Both served as assistants on the Cavs staff from 2006-2010. They both had a dream that they would work together being in charge of a team someday. That dream happened when Malone was hired as the Kings head coach and Jent was happy to join his friend.

I have no ill will for Chris Jent and his decision to leave the Buckeye’s bench and joining his long time friend. I will always remember all the positive that he did while being a player and or as a coach. Chris will always be a member of the Scarlet and Gray. It is with a sad heart that I bid Chris farwell from the Buckeye’s bench but wish him nothing but success in his future in Sacramento (unless he is going against my Cavaliers). Chris you will always be my favorite. I along with Buckeye Nation say Thank You and godspeed.