Should Beanie play on Saturday?

So now that we now (more or less) that Chris “Beanie” “Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope!” Wells could play this Saturday against Ohio University, we ask the question, “Should he?” Let’s take a look at both sides of the question:

Why Beanie Should Play:
In all serious ness, I could only come up with a few even remotely plausible reasons Beanie should play this Saturday. The first was all about the Heismans. I don’t think not playing against Ohio U. hurts Beanie’s chances to play, but coming in and playing through pain may earn him a few brownie points. Voters and fans love it when players grit out injuries and play through pain. This is probably not worth the effort.

Another reason is it may be beneficial for Beanie to test the foot out under “Game Conditions.” I don’t care what anyone says, game-speed is not something you can really achieve in practice. Mentally, there is something that prevents top performance during a mundane Thursday practice. Being able to test the foot against OU may provide a little “game speed” test. Make sure he can make his cuts, make sure that nothing seems permanently damaged, and then get his butt off the field.

If the foot is going to get reinjured, would it be better to happen this week, giving Tressel and his staff the chance to change/adjust the gameplan? That thought makes me physically ill, so I want to stop thinking about it.

Finally, the last reason I could think of made the most sense. In my head, we had actually stepped into a parallel universe where such things as college football are but trivial matters that count for little. The status of Beanie’s ankle is of no import. Let him play against Ohio, who cares?! There are more important things in life, like National Conventions and reruns of Iron Chef (the Japanese version!). His future doesn’t depend on his healthy feet, so what does it matter?

Oh, and in this world, Rich Rodriguez is king and Pete Carrol is a pretty pony. What a weird universe.

Why Beanie Shouldn’t Play:

Three reasons:

First: Duh.

Second: It’s Ohio University. Youngstown State may actually end up being more competitive than Ohio. There is no sane reason why Beanie’s precious little feet should have to plant and pivot on the turf in the Horseshoe. Let him sit this one out.

The experience that Herron and Saine gain from starting a game and having the team rely on them will be very beneficial. It will come in handy next time adversity strikes. Besides, I think we all really want a glimpse of the future — a future with Pryor and Herron in the backfield, making sweet magical spread option love.

Finally: Duh.