The 2016 Ohio State Recruiting Class, By The Numbers

Congratulations to the twenty-five young men who signed letters of intent with Ohio State on National Signing Day. By most estimates, Ohio State has secured a top five recruiting class, which should keep the Buckeyes in contention for B1G championships, and possibly opportunities to advance to The College Football Playoff.

I would like to approach this article from a different perspective – looking at the recruits from more of a numerical approach. Let me get started with the tremendous tweet from Mark Pantoni, Ohio State’s Director Of Player Personnel…

I am not nearly as creative as Mark Pantoni, but below is a quick visual to give Ohio State fans an idea as to how many recruits are from specific states…

2016 OSU Recruits By State

Looking at the numbers of the recruiting class, Ohio State signed 5 offensive linemen, 5 defensive backs, 3 tight ends, 2 wide receivers, 2 running backs, 2 linebackers, 2 defensive ends, and at least one quarterback, defensive tackle, punter, and an athlete designation in Malik Harrison, who was the last player to commit to the Buckeyes on National Signing Day.

It is difficult to classify anyone within a class this highly ranked as a “sleeper”, but I must confess that I am openly rooting for OL Gavin Cupp and DB Jahsen Wint. Cupp had a highly publicized recruiting saga this past summer, with his Michigan State scholarship revoked by attending Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights. Fortunately for Cupp, Cupp was able to earn his Ohio State scholarship. My impression of Cupp, without watching any of his game tape, is of a player willing to scrap and fight to get onto the field.

As for Wint, he was a later addition to the recruiting class, officially committing to Ohio State at the beginning of 2016. Wint is listed at 5’11”, 186 lbs, and at safety – his reputation is one of a tenacious hitter. I will be hoping to see if his reputation is well-deserved, beginning this fall.

Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer has made the statement that he wants to play eighteen of the twenty-five players who signed on National Signing Day. Will that come to pass? With many open positions, as well as positions lacking depth, these freshmen will be given every opportunity to make it so.

MotSaG Chat With 2016 Ohio OL Gavin Cupp

downloadOhio is one of the best talent producing states in the country.  That trend continues for the 2016 class, especially for offensive linemen.  Tommy Kraemer and Liam Eichenberg are very well known prospects and already have offers from Ohio State.  Another huge offensive tackle that is on Ohio State’s radar, and working hard to get an offer, is Leipsic’s Gavin Cupp.  Standing 6-6 and weighing about 280 pounds, Cupp stands out amongst his teammates and competitors.  With offers already from Bowling Green and Toledo, but interest from many more like Notre Dame, Illinois, and Ohio State, his recruitment is starting to heat up.  The good think is that Cupp is no stranger to Ohio State.  He most recently visited for a camp this past weekend.  He told me that he learned a lot and competed very well.

“I learned a bunch of new things from Coach Warriner,” he said of the camp.  “I tested much better in some of the combine numbers and I felt like held my own against some very good competition.  I love coach Warriner a lot and loved working with him.  He wants me to come back and keep working hard to earn an offer.”

Cupp did not earn an offer at this camp, but the coaches told him to work hard in the off-season, during the football season, and to keep coming back to camp to earn an offer.  He was able to tour some of the campus, but not all of it as it did not work out after the camp.  He loved everything Ohio State had to offer that he was able to tour on his visit.

“I got to see a couple of things on campus like the Woody Hayes center which was really cool!” Cupp had to say of the Ohio State.  “I also got to sit in on an academic meeting.  Other than that though I did not get to tour the campus a lot because it did not work out after the camp.”

Cupp is not afraid to talk about how he grew up an Ohio State fan and loves Ohio State.  He follows Ohio State football throughout the season and is really optimistic about this upcoming season. When I asked him what he would like to say to Ohio State fans he said, “You guys have a great program.  This is going to be a good season for Ohio State football and I am so excited for it!”   That could get Buckeye fans pretty excited knowing that he is going to be following the team throughout the season.  For the off-season he is just going to be focusing on the football team.  He wants to win a state championship and told me it’s not about Gavin, it’s about Leipsic.  He has great humility to turn the attention away from an individual, and focus it on the team.  I think Cupp is going to work very hard to earn an Ohio State offer as he is determined and motivated to earn the respect from the coaching staff.  When he gets that offer, I think he is going to be a part of this class.  He is a very good football player, but an even person.  This is a recruit every Ohio State fan should follow on the recruiting pitch.

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