MotSaG Chat with Gabe Megginson

4star_recruit_iconGabe Megginson is a very talented offensive tackle coming out of the 2015 Class. Already having offers from two Big Ten teams (Illinois and Wisconsin) Gabe is expected to get more in the future. He attended FNL and hopes to receive an offer. An offer from Ohio State would not be surprising. Megginson is 6’5 and weighs 289 per Scout ranks him a 4 star and the 19th best OT in the country. I believe Gabe shows great skill through highlights and will be receiving more offers in the near future. Gabe was a great kid to interview and I wish him luck in the future.


Andrew: How has the recruiting process been?

Gabe: It has been going great, things are starting to pick up a little.

Andrew: What schools are showing interest?

Gabe: Vanderbilt, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Northern Illinois, Northwestern, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri.

Andrew: What schools are showing the most interest?

Gabe: Vanderbilt, Indiana and Northern Illinois right now.

Andrew: Whats going on with Ohio State?

Gabe: They told me I really impressed them at the camp and they are going to start really recruiting me. They want to get me down to a game.

Andrew: What coaches did you talk to?

Gabe: Coach Vrabel and Coach Oghobaase which is the coach who asked me to come to the camp.

Andrew: How was FNL? How do you think you did?

Gabe: It was a great experience and it was amazing being there. I thought it was one of my best camps throughout the summer.

Andrew: How do you think your chances are of getting an Ohio State offer?

Gabe: I think if I have a good first couple of games they will hopefully consider it more but right now it’s hard to tell.

Andrew: Do you have any top schools?

Gabe: I don’t really have any right now. I like every school I’ve been to.

Andrew: How would you describe your game?

Gabe: I think I am balanced between my run and pass blocking. But I definitely have things I could work on in both of those blocking schemes. I play physical with a mean streak.

Andrew: What do you like to do off the field?

Gabe: I like to lift and train for football. Also, hangout with my girlfriend, my family and go golfing with my brother.

Andrew: What are your max outs?

Gabe: My bench is 325, squat is 420, power clean is 275 and dead lift is 515.

You can follow Gabe on twitter by clicking @GabeMegginson72.