Top 3 Recruits Ohio State Needs To Land (Guest Post)

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I was recently posed a very simple, yet very complex question. “Who are the three most important recruits for Urban Meyer to land in the 2015 Recruiting class who are uncommitted right now?” When first asked this, several names crossed my mind, but many of these names were quickly crossed off the board looking at the depth and the skill sets that Urban Meyer has acquired in previous classes. After a while of narrowing down my focus to the most important recruits for the 2015 class, I came up with three names that pack a powerful punch. Those prospects are: DE Josh Sweat, OT Drew Richmond, and RB Damien Harris.

Josh Sweat

Josh Sweat from Chesapeake, VA has crazy athletic ability and potential for a high school recruit. Many experts compare Sweat to fellow Defensive End, Jadeveon Clowney, who may be the most athletic football player that many have seen in a long time. If Josh Sweat turns into anything like Clowney, then it is very easy to see why Sweat is the top prospect Urban needs to land in 2015. Clowney was of course the number 1 pick in this year’s draft and Sweat may see his name called this early 3 years from now, especially under Larry Johnson Sr. (Ohio State’s Defensive Line Coach). Larry Johnson is one of the big reasons that Ohio State is a finalist and will receive an official visit, along with Virginia Tech, Florida State, Oregon, and Georgia. Many see Virginia Tech as a favorite to land Sweat’s services, but Tech hasn’t had much success in keeping talent in state and Sweat is too quiet of a kid to get a read of where he may be leaning, but he remains a huge need in this class.

Drew Richmond

How many of you want to see another Orlando Pace at Ohio State? Well, if Drew Richmond from Memphis, TN, were to choose Ohio State, then you may very well get your wish. Drew Richmond has stated that he grew up an Ohio State fan and reiterated his interest in the Buckeyes by attending Ohio State’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ last week. Envisioning an elite Offensive Tackle with the skill set that Richmond has with the superior coaching of Offensive Line Coach Ed Warinner spells a combination which has the potential to produce Pace 2.0. Richmond has also expressed that he looks up to Orlando Pace and even tries to mold his game after his. This is why Drew Richmond becomes the second most important recruit that Ohio State needs in this class. I mean who wouldn’t want another possible Orlando Pace? So, how hard will it be for Ohio State to land this talented prospect? Quite hard considering the Buckeyes are competing against programs such as Alabama and home team, Tennessee. Even counting this, I would not bet against Urban Meyer on this one, as this recruitment reminds me of a fellow offensive lineman’s recruitment in Demetrius Knox, last year.

Damien Harris

Why is RB Damien Harris such a need in 2015, with promising backs like Ezekiel Elliott and Curtis Samuel already in the fold at Ohio State now? Well, Damien Harris brings a total different game than fellow running backs, Elliott and Samuel. Harris reminds me more of the game that El Guapo (Carlos Hyde) brought to the Buckeyes last season. Harris has the speed with the best of them, while also supplying some explosive power and anger that he runs with. I can see Harris adding some weight once he gets with Coach Mick (Ohio State’s Strength and Conditioning Coach), and looking more like El Guapo. Right now, Damien is a little smaller than Hyde, as he sits at 5’11, 205 lbs. I feel that Elliott and Samuel both lack the natural build to ever be what Hyde was, even though both backs will most likely pay huge dividends at Ohio State. So, why is Damien Harris so important? We haven’t seen our offense without Hyde since early last season and when Hyde came back, he added a new component to our offense. The question becomes will Ohio State struggle with this component now gone? If so, Damien Harris could come in in 2015 and fill that void as a true freshman. How good of a chance does Urban have with Harris? I’ll stick with a fair to good chance. Harris is from Berea, KY and has us in his recently released final 5, along with Kentucky, Alabama, Texas A&M, and Florida. Kentucky is seen as the biggest threat as Stoops has been able to pull in some top names in the last couple classes. That combined with Damien feeling the hometown superstar pressure has Kentucky sitting in good shape as well. Harris’s relationship with Ohio State commits, Justin Hilliard and Jashon Cornell, along with relationship with Urban Meyer is why I believe he will eventually join the 2015 Recruiting Class when he decides on December 13th. Let’s not forget that Harris grew up a Michigan fan and was once committed to them, who are now eliminated from consideration. That makes this recruitment and potential win, that much sweeter.

At the end of the day, if Urban can land any of these prospects in the 2015 recruiting class, he will be getting a game changer and potential, future all-American. All three of these prospects have the potential to be a factor in their first year along with their entire tenure at Ohio State. If Urban were to somehow land all three, well buckeye fans, get ready for a very intriguing 3-4 years that could see many national titles appearances and wins, if they all pan out to reaching their full potential. Not that we don’t already expect national title appearance and wins, but any three of these guys would put Urban Meyer and our Ohio State Buckeyes over the top. All three may just be a pipe dream, but a dream I’m willing to live in.

2015 O-Line Recruiting- Commits and Targets

By: Michael Rockstedt

Follow: @Mike_Rockstedt

The Offensive Line has become such a strong point for Urban Meyer and staff while they have been in Columbus.  That has not changed with the 2015 class.  Securing two commits already, Urban Meyer is still searching for a couple of big prospects to fill needs across the line.  I take a dive into who I think is going to end up in the class along with the two commits.

1. Grant Schmidt-Sioux Falls, South Dakota– Commit South Dakota is not necessarily your recruiting hot bed when searching for the best talents in America.  Grant Schmidt begs to differ.  The 6-6, 275 pound lineman hails from the great state of South Dakota and was a bit of a surprise commit to many.  He came to Columbus for a camp and then a visit the next day, and committed on the visit.  He was one of the recruits that kind of got the ball rolling for the class.  Schmidt is a big, strong guy and should be getting more attention as the season goes on.  I think it’s pretty neat that Schmidt is from South Dakota because not too many players come to Columbus from there.  Schmidt fills a position of need for this class and could have a chance to compete from day one.

2. Kevin Feder- Ramsey, New Jersey- Commit Big is an understatement when you are talking about Ohio State commit Kevin Feder.  Standing 6-9, 305 pounds, not many people can compare in height to this kid.  Originally a Miami commit, Feder switched to Ohio State a couple of days after he camped and visited.  His commitment was one of many in the month of June for Ohio State.  There are not many prospects like Feder in college football and I think that puts him at an advantage.  Don Bosco is also one of the best football programs across the country.  Always producing top-tier talent, Don Bosco is usually ranked top 10 in the nation for football, year in and year out.  Feder brings a unique advantage to the game with his size so it is going to be interesting how his size translates to the next level.

3. Drew Richmond- Memphis, Tennessee. Drew Richmond has made it known that he grew up an Ohio State fan.  There is no doubt that he truly loves Ohio State.  The 6-5, 320 pound tackle, has offers from all over the country including Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Ohio State.  He has been on visits all over the country and is taking a visit to Ohio State for Friday Night Lights.  His recruitment is going to be interesting down to the wire, but I think it is a Ohio State versus SEC battle, with Alabama, Tennessee, and Ole Miss, being the biggest threats.  It is going to be interesting to see how his visit goes at Friday Night Lights.  If he enjoys the red carpet treatment he is most likely going to get, then I think Ohio State could be his end point.  I think the SEC schools are going to be a big challenge for Ohio State.

4. Matthew Burrell- Woodbridge, Virginia. Matthew Burrell is another guy who has made it no secret how much he loves Ohio State.  He has been to Columbus a couple of times now and loves it there.  I really like Ohio State’s chances here.  He is very close with a couple of Ohio State commits and targets such as Justin Hilliard, Jashon Cornell, and Damien Harris.  I know there are a couple of other schools that he really likes and schools that are recruiting him hard such as Alabama and Florida State.  He is still very wide open with his recruitment but is narrowing it down piece by piece.  He hopes that he can return for Friday Night Lights but is still working some things out.  He is not committing until after he takes his official visits, which I am sure Ohio state is going to get one.  I like Burrell to be another piece to the 2015 class.