MotSaG Top 25 Poll- Pre-season

Here is the final Pre-Season Poll before the season starts this week. There was just a few changes which I will go over at the end. Injuries have played a part in those moves though.

1.) Alabama
2.) Ohio State
3.) Stanford
4.) Georgia
5.) Oregon
6.) Clemson
7.) Louisville
8.) South Carolina
9.) Florida State
10.) Texas A&M
11.) Oklahoma State
12.) Florida
13.) LSU
14.) Notre Dame
15.) Nebraska
16.) Oklahoma
17.) Northwestern
18.) Texas
19.) Wisconsin
20.) Boise State
21.) Michigan State
22.) TCU
23.) UCLA
24.) Kansas State
25.) TTUN

– There are no new teams in the rankings for this week and no one fell out of the rankings either obviously.

– TTUN fell from 19th to 25th they had another starter go down with a season ending injury. Sophomore WR Amara Darboh went down with a foot injury that required surgery. This was already a area of concern for TTUN and Amara brought height to the position they don’t have anywhere else right now. They also announce they still dont know who 2 of their starting OLmen are going to be which is another concern. Things are trending down right now for the Wolverines.

– MSU mad a move up to 21 based on a true Freshman QB who is making waves in Damion Terry who brings to the table a dual threat that MSU didnt have before. Andrew Maxwell may still start but Damion will see plenty of playing time as he is an athlete that they need to get the ball in the hands of as often as possible to spread out the defense.

– Wisconsin also made a small move up to #19 this week. They named a QB and the Offensive line is huge as usual. The running game will be what it always is for Wisky… Great!!!