Purdue Game Cheers and Jeers

I’m going to be straight with you — I really didn’t pay much attention to the Purdue game. Sure, I watched the game, but I wasn’t really watching it. It all started when the renobs at ABC muffed the punt and exposed us all to the Horror that is Notre Dame football. Keep that trash over on NBC. So thanks to ABC, I missed Michael Jenkins special teams punt block and consequently the only TD of the day.

Nevertheless, some nuggets can be gleaned from Saturday’s non-performance. Time to pass out the Cheers and Jeers.

Before we get started, let me start out with a couple disclaimers: I am an optimist. I love the way Brian chastised his fellow fans: “Sports suck sometimes, especially when you care so much about something you control not at all.” And Massey’s little phrase “Become unnecessarily upset because of amateur athletics if…” Both of these encapsulate the way I feel. I am an eternal optimist and find it hard to criticize young men that are really just as frustrated as we, as fans, are. That being said, I am still able to recognize areas that are lacking and can benefit from improvement. Let’s start with the Jeers:


Offensive line – Let’s get this one out of the way. Something drastic needs to happen (and may be happening). It’s clear the unit as now constituted is not gelling and getting no push. This line is not cutting it against anyone. Now would be the time to give the younger kids their chance, but injuries are preventing that right now.

Coordinators – I’m not a fan of placing a large portion of the blame on coaches, because in the end, it’s all about execution. But I can only beat that drum for so long. After a while, I’m left convincing nobody but myself. These guys up in the booth are not amateurs. They are the ones being paid. They are the ones that deserve the scorn and blame when things stagnate. And right now, the offense is quickly becoming overrun with algae and pond scum.

Creativity – And here’s the crux. Get these guys a craft table. Seriously, where is the creativity? The imagination? Watching the Texas/OU game, I was jealous seeing defenses attack, offenses consitently have success and actual excitement. Something currently lacking right now on our sidelines.


Defensive line – We’ve been harsh on the front four this year, and it’s warranted. They haven’t been playing very inspired thus far. You lose a guy like Vernon and there’s going to be a drop-off. But we don’t have run-cloggers up the middle which causes problems for the LBs. We need push up front and we really haven’t been getting it. We finally got pressure on a QB this week and it was good to see Silver bullets in the backfield.

(Again, broken record and all, but we sure could go for some creativity with the d-line play. Some twists, some stunts, SOMETHING)

Malcolm Jenkins – Of all the seniors that came back, Jenkins has had the biggest impact, and has become The Man the last couple of games. Good on #2.

Etienne Sabino – Of all the freshmen this year (besides you-know-who), I was most excited to see what Etienne Sabino could do. While he’s seeing limited time on D, he’s been making a name for himself on special teams. A TD doesn’t hurt. Keep it coming.

Who are you passing the cheers and jeers out to?