Connor Heyward Creating Own Success Story


Ohio State fans might know the name Heyward from a recent, successful Buckeye in Cameron Heyward.  Meet his younger and equally as talented, younger brother from Georgia, Connor.  Although he is in the class of 2017, the wide receiver and Safety prospect knows  that it is never to early to start recruiting.  The 6 foot 1 inch rising sophomore, has interest from many schools across the country including Ohio State.  He has been to Ohio State many times for his older brother, but the other day he participated in a camp in which he fought hard and went up against some good competition.

“There were a lot of good players at this camp the competition was very good!” Heyward said of the camp experience.  “The kids from Miami were really good also.  The best part was getting to go 1v1 in front of the coaches, especially coach Coombs.  I really like him.”  Another cool part of the camp Heyward told me was getting to meet Danny Clark.  The two instantly hit it off and Heyward told me they have become good friends.

“Danny Clark and I have a good relationship,” he said of Clark.  “He wants me to come here with him and also take more visits when he is on campus also.”  It is a surprise to nobody that follows recruiting that Clark has been recruiting his heart out for the team.

Heyward loves Ohio State for many reasons and it does not have to do a lot with Cam playing here.  He did say although that is cool, it is not the reason he loves the school so much.  He attributes his love for the school to a couple of things like his relationship with Coach Fickell, the facilities, and the success of the program.

“Coach Fickell and I have a great relationship.” Heyward says of his reasons for loving Ohio State. “We have just been around each other so much.  I also just love everything about Ohio State from the campus to the sports facilities.  Also, there is not a better stadium in college football than the Shoe!”

His brother keeps telling him to work hard, something he really takes to heart on the football field.  For the rest of the summer, Heyward will be practicing and training for Football AND basketball.  Yep.  He is a mult-sport athlete and his team for AAU just made it to the finals for the Nike Peach Jam in Florida, something he is very excited for.  He would love to play both in college if lucky, but would choose football over basketball.  When asked what he would like to say to Ohio State fans, he said, “Go Bucks and stay tuned!”  Connor Heyward is a great prospect and will have a great share of college choices.  But he just loves Ohio State and that is where I think he is going to choose to play College Football.

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