Great Buckeye Football Videos

While we are awaiting the kickoff of the Inaugural Battle of Scarlet vs. Scarlet might as well enjoy some great Buckeye videos released bu the Ohio State football teams youtube channel this week.

During the week of Oct. 2nd across college football there was a visible campaign by the head coaches wearing a Coaches 2 Cure MD patch on there sleeves. During this week Jacob and Noah Studebaker have become close friends of the Buckeye football program and Jacob was an honorary captain for the Cincinnati game. They wore the Scarlet and Gray uniform’s and went to midfield with the other Buckeye captains for the coin flip. After the game he and his brother were awarded the game ball from Captain Jeff Heuerman.

The Buckeyes football team didn’t stop there. They presented Jacob and his family a check from the players and Ohio State football for the Coach 2 Cure MD in the amount of 10,000 dollars and also presented Jacob and Noah with a very large picture of that special night of them going out to midfield as captains of The Ohio State football team.

These are the things that are so heart warming and you love seeing coming out of Columbus and any college football program for that matter. Hats off to The Ohio State Football Team and what they have done and what they stand for. Go Bucks.

Speaking of Go Bucks, here’s the trailer for the Rutgers game that they dropped yesterday.

You pumped up yet?