MotSag Chat with Chandler Ellerbe

osuHelmetThe Georgia to Ohio State pipeline has been very good to Ohio State.  Raekwon McMillan and Stephen Collier are just two recent prospects from Georgia, that have spurned the south to play college football further North.  That could continue with class of 2017 wide receiver Chandler Ellerbe.  Many schools have begun showing interest in the freshman, including letters and camp invites from Florida State and Miami (FL), to go with interest from UAB and Southern Alabama..  Although he has not had much contact with Ohio State, he loves Ohio State and they are very high on the list.

“The athletic side of Ohio State is of course amazing, but the academic side of the school is really big and important as well.  Ohio State has also sent many Wide Receivers to the NFL.  I loved watching Devier Posey play.  They just sent a lot of wide receivers to the NFL.”


Not only does Chandler love Ohio State for their athletics and academics, but many of his friends are considering OSU or have Ohio State high on their list including, Cameron Easton and Jared Payton.  Jared has done an interview for MotSag before and is familiar with the readers of this site.  Ellerbe says that the group of friends talk about playing together in college.

“I have formed friendships with other 2017 recruits that are considering Ohio State like Jared Payton, Cameron Easton, and Kevin Mensah.  Jared is like a big brother to me.  The four of us talk about playing together possibly.  I also wouldn’t mind being another receiving target for QB commit Danny Clark,” says Ellerbe.  It is clear that the commitment of Danny Clark is already paying big dividends with other recruits.

The rest of the summer will be filled with improving his game and also some camps.  While he is already a good route runner, he wants to improve his blocking techniques as a receiver and his speed.  He says right now he runs a 4.89, but hopes to beat that time next run.  He also plans to camp at some instate camps where big time coaches will be.  He says that because he is in SEC country, a lot of coaches come to the camps around the area, so he does not have to travel far to impress coaches.  He is planning on going to the Georgia State camp on June 20th and also he might go to a Georgia camp with coach Mark Richt.

Ellerbe is a huge basketball fan and even told me directly, “The Spurs are going to beat the Heat.”  Some confidence to go against the King.  He also loves music, just like every other teenager.  He is just like every teenager off the field, but on the field he is an amazing football player.  He is a recruit that will have many offers and his share of choices to choose from when he needs to pick a school.  Ellerbe is a recruit that every fan should watch on the recruiting path.

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