Buckeyes to feast on Buffalo Wings: Preview

When I first started to do this preview I swear this is all I was thinking about…

I am sitting here racking my brain on how to write this preview. We all have a feeling about how it will go. Buffalo is vastly undermanned and will face a team that has been pushed hard all summer and has a lot of pent up aggression. On top of all that Ohio State is in the title game talk and Coach Meyer knows against these weaker teams they must put on a show for the voters so they will forget the fact that OSU is playing Buffalo.

Here is what I what I have discovered in my prep of the game preview.

Buffalo on Offense

Buffalo is lead by Sr. Running Back Branden Oliver a 5’8″ 210 lbs guy from Miami, Florida. Branden is a small scatback guy with tremendous speed. He avg over 100 yards a game last year in 8 games and over 5 yards a carry. His highlight reel is very impressive for a smaller guy he has no problem running between the tackles and taking the hits for the tougher yards.

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