Scarlet Seven: Kyle McCord by Zack Downing

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Its about that time where we writers struggle to find the proper material to fill the massive void in our lives, but look no further! Today, we will be unveiling something different or familiar (if you’ve seen the previous two articles similar to this) that adds more flare to the Men of the Scarlet and Gray–Q & A sessions!

For our first in hopefully many interviews with Buckeyes commitments and targets, we somehow got a shot with current Buckeye 2021 QB commit Kyle McCord out of St. Joes Prep School in Philadelphia. By sheer luck or the humbleness of this kid, we reached out and got a shot to start with a bang.

Below is the excerpt of the back and fourth between one of our own Zack Downing (Disclaimer: These are mostly direct quotes from the interviewee that have slight edits to them):

ZD: How do you feel about the competition with the other QB’s for next season? What are you looking forward to with that?

KM: I think it’ll be a great opportunity to compete with the other guys and it’ll definitely make me better.

ZD: Who are some names of the recruits you are personally recruiting to join the class of 2021?

KM: Right now guys I’m going after: Evan Pryor, Donovan Edwards, Emeka Egbuka, Troy Stellato and JC Latham.

ZD: What are some of your top Quarterback qualities?

KM: I’d say my top 3 would be leadership, poise and accuracy.

ZD: What do you hope to accomplish as a freshman at Ohio State?

KM: I want to fulfill whatever role the team needs me to play. I’m going to go in and put my head down and compete everyday.

ZD: Who is the toughest defender you have faced in school?

KM: Going against Jeremiah Trotter Jr everyday in practice. He’s one of the best players in the nation.

ZD: How excited were you to find out that Marvin Harrison Jr wanted to join you at OSU?

KM: Marvin and I have been wanting to play in college together before Ohio State had even offered us. So, to be able to know that we are going to play together at the next level, and especially at a school like Ohio State, it’s a pretty cool feeling.

ZD: Lastly, what is some of your interests outside of football?

KM: Outside of football and working out, I really just like to chill out with family. My favorite thing to do with my down time would either be playing basketball or watching documentaries.

Although I didn’t conduct the interview, I can read people easily and know their personality. Kyle McCord, who is likely to be the only signal-caller in the 2021 class is another great addition to the QB room for Coach Day and Coach Dennis to mold and develop. Words are cheap, but McCord will form these words into action and he will shine in any role he is assigned.

Buckeye Nation and all of us at MOTSAG are happy to have such a humble and driven player in the fold. Good luck to you and we cannot wait to have you in the fold, when you make your commitment official!