Help #VoteStieber



J.P. Scott from Athlon Sports came to me asking to help get the word out on what I feel is a very important matter.

Scott did a post on Athlon Sports “EPYS Nominee, Ohio State Wrestler Logan Stieber Deserves One More Victory“.

I feel it was a great piece and he talked about what an elite wrestler.

Many people reading this haven’t seen a wrestling match or don’t watch them regularly, so I’ll try to keep this rather simple. Stieber just won his fourth Division 1 NCAA Championship. That’s a feat that has only been accomplished by three others since the NCAA began allowing freshmen to compete in the late 1960s.

I couldn’t agree more. Logan is going up against Marcus Mariota (We know how that Championship Game turned out), Frank Kaminsky (Former Badgers Basketball player), Jack Eichel (Boston U, hockey, and Dansby Swanson (Vanderbilt, baseball).

People often forget about wrestling being a team sport at the high school and college levels, but it very much is. Each weight class is like a different position on a team. Each member of the team must do his job in order for the team to have success. When you look at it that way, Stieber not only did his job, but also has been the best player at his position during all four years of his college career.

That’s something that Marcus Mariota, Frank Kaminsky, Jack Eichel and Dansby Swanson — his fellow nominees — were never able to say during their highly decorated careers.

J.P. Scott has nailed it. So what say you Buckeye Nation. We have until July 15th at 8 PM/EST to make this happen.

Also while you are there some kid named Cardale Jones and his coach are up for Best Breakthrough Athlete and Best Coach/Manager so maybe throw them some votes to since they did OK this past season.

You can go here to vote:

Please help get the word out and use the hashtag #VoteStieber.

Side note while I have been vocal for my disdain for the Four Letter Network, I will always support the men and woman who wear or have worn the Scarlet and Gray.