Michigan State (4-1, Big Ten 1-0) at Ohio State (5-0, Big Ten 2-0)

Ohio State versus Michigan State for another heavyweight bout between intra-conference rivals. This game has a lot on the line, beginning with the Big Ten Conference East crown. This game usually has a lot of twists and turns and the Buckeyes have fallen in losses to Michigan State more often at home than at East Lansing.

Jacolbe Cowan high school photo. Credit: 24/7 Sports Database.

This game looks to be the stiffest test to date and with their game at home and during a Blackout, this game has a lot on the line with it becoming another big recruiting weekend. Speaking of recruiting, the Buckeyes received good news last night and got another commitment from Jacolbe Cowan from North Carolina. He will play along the line and he is a stud that adds more depth and talent to the class. He will be attending the game to link up with the other recruits to try to close out the class and get future teammates.

Battle In The Trenches

The battle in the trenches will be my primary concern with this game because the Buckeyes can easily fall into the trap that saw Zeke barely touch the ball and a walk-off FG later, we end up losing the game at home and we were all devastated. This year’s Buckeye team with the steady string of performances that this line has had, I will look for them with a now healthy Brandon Bowen to assert their will on this stout Spartan D-Line and we will have to see when they begin. They could start out slow and they will eventually turn it on, but it is all up for interpretation until a rhythm is set and established.

Can the Offensive Line continue the effort against a bigger and more stingy Michigan State defense? Joe Bachi and his buddies will attempt to make it hard for this offense to do so, but it is within the realm of possibility to potentially. The Spartans and Coach Dantonio always seem to play the Buckeyes tightly and this could be another classic between the two teams.

Defensive Battle Looming

The Silver Bullets are back and I cannot understate the importance of defending against two mobile quarterbacks for this game. Discipline is a must and with Lewerke and Lombardi, they have options in the running game if the passing game is inept and shut down. With the way the defense has been playing, the improvement is obvious and Chase Young will look to continue his sack streak that has spanned seven games with at least one sack. He is on quite the streak and he could continue it with an atrocious line that lost against a true freshman quarterback from Arizona State.

The DB’s have been playing with the swagger that was missed a season ago, and this time they could lock down the Spartan receivers. The only problem is that the passing game has been off and the offense is having a down year. The Buckeyes can take advantage and they could force a ton of turnovers.

The Justin and J.K. Show On Turf

The greatest show on college turf includes a pair of stellar offensive players that both don the scarlet and gray. Justin Fields has been on a tear after enrolling and he has accounted for a ton of the Buckeye offense. The other half runs through J.K. Dobbins and he also has been on a similar atmosphere when using his legs. It is a pair made in heaven and with Dobbins running through people and tackles and with Fields doing damage with both his legs and his arm, defensive coordinator are searching for weaknesses.

The points come in bunches and a resounding blowout win against a familiar for and fellow conference eastern power can send shockwaves throughout the nation. Beating Michigan State is a major plus, but if they could run them out of Columbus after dark, the nation will be put on notice.

Match-Ups To Watch:

  • Buckeye Offense vs Spartan Defense
  • Fields/Dobbins vs The Front Seven
  • Lewerke vs The Back Seven
  • The Trenches
  • Special Teams and Field Position


The Ohio State Buckeyes defeat The Michigan State Spartans 42-13.

I just have a feeling that Ohio State plus the adrenaline of a Black Out with recruiting implications will not leave them as vulnerable as people think. The O-Line has been fiery and with the return of Bowen, the extra juice will be there to help them suffocate Lewerke and shut down the noise. I could be wrong, but a let down this far into the season would be a tragedy, but they will start slow at first, but blow-by once the momentum gets in their favor. This feels like a turnover-prone contest and with Michigan States’ struggles, this could be a good display of power and poise for the Buckeyes. Go Bucks!


  1. Jimmy Wiggians says

    If ya get a chance to comment on the play prior to the Spartan missed FG at end of first half I’d appreciate it. What appeared to me as the turning point of the game, the no call missed pass interference on the Buckeye when he ran into the intended receiver by mistake just prior to the pass being delivered. No flag, missed call handed the Buckeyes the game.

  2. Jimmy Wiggians says

    The play I was refering to was actually on the MSU drive in the 3rd quarter with 10:47 left. MSU had driven within the ten yard line appearing ready to score. On the play in question the MSU reciever #4 Hayes was blindsided by OSU #4 Fuller who was racing to the outside colliding with Hayes before the pass reached him. The officials apparently didn’t even see the play to call an obvious pass interference. A score would have closed the gap to 27-17 making it a more interesting game. MSUs Coghlin then misses the chip shot FG. Momentum crushed, game over for the Spartans on a missed call.

    • Richard M Tongohan says

      Ah! Good call and although I haven’t seen the play yet, it was a huge miss that could’ve tightened up the game. I just don’t think that the offense would have gotten that jolt but it could’ve evened it out. Thanks for always chiming in.

      • Jimmy Wiggians says

        Perhaps not but we all know how one play can effect the momentum in any game. Just witness the travesty suffered by the Lions in Green Bay last night, that certainly may have stolen their season. Boycotting the NFL for that BS and not even a fan.

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