Miami (OH) Redhawks (1-2) VS Ohio State Buckeyes (3-0)

With another week to hone their skills, the Buckeyes square off against a wounded Redhawk team that has lost two out of the last three games early in the young 2019 season.  On the other side of the field, the Buckeyes have won three straight, in convincing fashion with one road game to open up the Big Ten season and two games against inferior competition from the Group of Five conferences.  Two teams with different situations, but its looking like another tune-up for the home team against a team that is struggling to stay afloat.

Road Woes

Life on the road hasn’t been kind to the Miami (OH) Redhawks.  This season, have not been able to break through and secure a road win in three games, going 0-2 with losses against Iowa and Cincinnati.  They have been outscored by a lot and so far it has been a whopping 73-17 scoring margin.  In 2018, they split the difference and finished 6-6, with a 101-75 margin on the road while losing to Minnesota, Army, and Buffalo.  It hasn’t been too bad on the road because the three that they managed to win came against Bowling Green, Northern Illinois, and Akron and they outscored them 92-47.  It hasn’t been easy, but going into Columbus will be hard and so far a 6-8 road record isn’t going to make things easier.

At home, the Redhawks are alright.  In 2018 they finished 3-3 and in 2019 they started 1-0.  They beat an out-manned FCS team, but the Buckeyes will be a stiff test to beat at home.  The odds aren’t in favor of the away team and I don’t think they stand a chance.  Brett Gabbert will have a stifling defense to contend with and we will see if he is ready for the big lights.

Dobbins and His Running Back Stable

J.K. Dobbins has been on a tear lately and why shouldn’t he continue his dominant streak?  Against FAU, he toted the ball 21 times and ran for 91 total yards and a TD.  Against Cincinnati, he carried the ball 17 times for 141 yards with a long of 60 and two more scores.  In the most recent game on the road against Indiana, Dobbins has 22 and he nearly went for 200 yards, but he finished with 193 yards and a healthy 8.8 average, he displayed his physical prowess while dashing for 56 yards before bowling over and bouncing his way for one of his two scores of the game.    Dobbins also had two catches for 14 yards and a score, but it should’ve been two, he will get some work with the JUGs machine, but he is doing damage on the ground and is currently sitting at 4th in the nation in rushing yards.

Dobbins eventually gave way to Master Teague and Crowley got some reps to put out minds at ease regarding the future of that position.  Teague is a bigger Dobbins, but he loves contact as he finished with 10 carries with 106 yards and a score.  He capitalized it with another physical 40 yarder–and he had a healthier 10.6 average.  Crowley and McCall eventually spelled the two and combined for 4 carries and 11 yards before the game ended.  This game will get out of hand quick and eventually they will get valuable reps to gain more game time experience.

The Return of BIA, The Rushmen and The Silver Bullets

So far in three games, Buckeyes have been playing with a huge chip on their shoulder.  Senior and 2019 captain Damon Arnette took the advice of Buckeye Great Chris Carter and stayed for his last ride in the scarlet and gray.  He, along with Okudah and Wade at his position has been a nuisance for opposing offensive players.  Behind them, fellow Senior Jordan Fuller and Brendon White have held it down so far this season, but the little dump offs in the seams sometimes get the best of them, but they have improved so far early on in the season and Arnette made a statement with the first pick-six of the season in a dazzling display of patience and athleticism.

The Rushmen have also been a nuisance and their depth is one of the strengths of this team.  With BB Landers, Tyreke Smith, and Jonathan Cooper missing the game, the reserve unit will grab some reps before continuing their conference slate.  They are averaging 4.67 sacks per game and through four games they have 14 sacks for the season which is good for being tied for 2nd in the nation.

The Linebackers have also improved in their play and this season, they are tearing it up.  Improved tackling and a more aggressive approach, the Silver Bullets are back!  Tackling was a sore subject and they would give up splash plays consistently.  The penalties were also a weakness, but the 2019 team has cleaned a lot of that up.  They currently sit 8th in the nation in third-down stops allowing a conversion in 0.229% per game.  The zone scheme with man-to-man sprinkled in seems to work right now, but we will see how far they’ve come when they get to the meaty part of their schedule.

Fields Day and His Zone 6 Weapons

Fields had an off game in his first true road test at Ohio State, but he was still lethal.  He missed his receivers while being pressured, he often threw too high or away from his targets frame or catch radius, but he finished with 199 yards and four total TD’s.  It was a more inconsistent day of his young Buckeye career, but he still put the points on the board and he executed to keep this team humming.

Zone 6 has benefited from the play of Fields, but they lean on each other.  The Legend of Olave is alive and well–he even managed to make key catches, he caught a TD, and he also blocked a punt that resulted in a safety.  He surely has helped swing the momentum in each game and he continues to amaze me.  K.J. Hill finally got on the board with the receiving score and Dobbins also had a one too.

The Tight Ends, although they haven’t been utilized still play hard and they certainly are a key cog in the offensive attack.  We saw it against FAU, but it sort of fizzled as of late.  They certainly can be used at any moment, but they play hard even though they are used in the blocking game.  Either way, they all play for their brothers, but we will see how they’ll be used later during the season.


56-6, the Ohio State Buckeyes defeat the Miami(OH) Redhawks.

Yes, I am predicting a 50-burger, but the Redhawk offense is bad this year.  They can possibly get some pity points, but it is doubtful and this defense is preparing for a clash with a Big Ten West foe, Nebraska.  Without looking ahead, the Buckeyes will have their focus solely on Miami (OH).  In another routine throttling, look for the game to get out of hand by the winding minutes of the 3rd quarter before the reserves come in to get some playing time once again.  The goal would be to flex their muscle, get a win, and give your starters a well-deserved rest before traveling to Lincoln.

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