What To Expect: Running Backs

Much similar to the transfer situation at the Quarterback position, the Running Backs suffered that same minor setback after the spring game.  Longtime back Antonio Williams left the team after a great showing that put him in the conversation for additional snaps at his position.  He looked good and ran with a lot of power, but the lure of playing time won out in the end and North Carolina got them a stud to feed.

In the beginning, both J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber proved why they will be a problem for opposing defenses and they will look to pick up where they left off at toward the end of last season.  Dobbins had an average game this spring, but his skillset is half of what the Buckeyes need this upcoming season.  With Weber, he had that long run that dazzled and that essentially ended his night giving way for the aforementioned Williams and Teague to light it up.  

Buckeye Nation got a treat seeing half of the future at the position with True Freshman Master Teague’s performance this spring.  He ran with power, speed, and he had that crazy look in his eyes as he put his best foot forward to place him firmly into the gameplan for this season.  He looked like a likely heir to the RB throne, and the future surely looks bright at the position.  We still have to see what Brian Snead has in store for the staff when he arrives in a few weeks, but I am sure he will not disappoint.

There will be a lot of fireworks with this tandem, and with what Haskins can bring through the air, the potential for a more balanced offense is there, it is just a matter of execution.  With Dobbins and Weber, defenses will have to choose their poison, and in what could be Weber’s final season at Ohio State, what better opportunity is there?

The Brotherhood is still strong and although Williams left, the bond is stronger than ever.  With these two studs, Teague and Snead along with the walk-ons, the future is bright.


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