The Buckeyes, Literally Control Their Own Destiny: AP Top 25, Remaining Schedule Breakdown

AP Top 25

  1. ALA (5-0)
  2. CLEM (5-0)
  3. OKLA (4-0)  ***Week 3 loss at OSU***
  4. PSU (5-0)  ***Week 9 at OSU***
  5. UGA (5-0)
  6. WASH (5-0)
  7. MICH (4-0)  ***Week 13 at UM***
  8. TCU(4-0)
  9. WIS (4-0)  ***Potential Conference Championship Game Opponent***
  10. OSU (4-1)
  11. WSU (5-0)
  12. AUB (4-1)
  13. MIAMI (3-0)
  14. USC (4-1)
  15. OKST (4-1)
  16. VT (4-1)
  17. LOU (4-1)
  18. USF (5-0)
  19. SDSU (5-0)
  20. UTAH (4-0)
  21. FLA (3-1)
  22. ND (4-1)
  23. WVU (3-1)
  24. NCST(4-1)
  25. UCF (3-0)

Remaining Schedule:

  • Week 6:  Home against Maryland
  • Week 7:  At Nebraska
  • Week 8:  Bye
  • Week 9:  Home against #4 Penn State
  • Week 10:  At Iowa
  • Week 11:  Home against Michigan State
  • Week 12:  Home against Illinois
  • Week 13:  At Michigan

My Observations for Ohio State:.

  • After trouncing Rutgers 56-0, they moved up one spot and back into the Top 10.  The Buckeyes could re-enter the Top 5 if they take care of business.  They will face Penn State at home in week 9, they will travel to Ann Arbor for The Game and if they win the East Division, they could face Wisconsin in the BIG 10 Conference Championship Game.
  • The Buckeyes have a string of tough opponents left on the schedule.  Maryland, Nebraska, Iowa and Michigan State are tricky opponents that could give or that have given the Buckeyes problems.  Nebraska and Iowa are tough atmospheres to play in.  Maryland is a team that gets better, but they are on their third-string quarterback after their top two players suffered season-ending injuries.  Michigan State has beaten the Buckeyes during the worst times and this season could be the same if the Buckeyes aren’t ready.
  • Illinois is still trying to find their way, but in the Battle for Illibuck, anything could happen.  We all saw what Juice Williams did, and we should be cautious not to write them off because it still is a rivalry game.
  • Hypothetically, if Ohio State beats Penn State in week 9, and in dominant fashion (very doubtful), they will most definitely be back in the 5-7 spot.  Teams will eventually lose in between, but the final roadblock (literally on the road) will be TTUN.  Ohio State will travel to Ann Arbor to end the regular season, and it is going to be a tough game if both teams are ranked high.  If they beat Penn State, TTUN will be looking to spoil the Buckeyes CFB Playoff hopes.
  • The Buckeye offense and defense still has a few kinks to work out.  They committed 10 penalties for 106 yards.  They will need to limit the penalties if they want to be successful.

The overall feeling is that the Buckeyes control their own destiny.  If they falter, it will cost them another CFB Playoff berth.  If they win out and win huge, they will most likely be in this years big dance once again.

With the depth at the majority of their positions, and the talent at hand, they could run the table, but they need to be impressive throughout.  They seem to have found some answers with Tuf Borland while Worley recuperates, and the Defensive Backs are getting better every week.



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