The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

The most impressive phase of the game came from the playmakers from Zone 6 and TE Rashod Berry.  In the first time in a while, the Buckeyes found 7 different receivers for scores, setting a new Big Ten record.

J.T. Barrett was taken out just before halftime, but he was very close to the team record for passing yards.  Barrett was 14 yards short of the 10,000-yard mark, which he will break when he travels to Piscataway, New Jersey to face a familiar face in Coach Ash.  The Rutgers head man will most likely have a few tricks up his sleeve, because of his familiarity of the Buckeye playmakers.

Dwayne Haskins had himself an up and down game.  He finished 15 for 23 for 228 yards and two touchdowns, but he did not finish without any errors.  He forced a pass to a well-covered receiver and he watched as the defender took it 65-yards to the house.

Joey Burrow made his debut after being cleared by the team doctors and he picked up where he left off.  Prior to coming out, he hit Trevon Grimes for a pair of 6-yarders before finishing off by hitting C.J. Saunders for a huge gain.  This makes the future bright and if Ohio State manages to hold onto the commitment of Emory Jones, their Quarterback room will be filled with talented playmakers that includes Tate Martell.

The Bad:  

I know that this is not Buckeye related directly, but if you follow recruiting, you know that Florida State has been neck and neck with the Buckeyes for top tier, blue-chippers year after year.  Yes, the ACC won the last CFB Championship and they are pretty darn good, but this might open some doors for the Buckeyes.

With this loss, the Seminoles fall to 0-2 for the first time since 1989, where they rebounded and finished the season 10-2 and with a Fiesta Bowl victory.  While teams can falter early and still make the playoffs (Ohio State loss to Virginia Tech in 2014), this might hurt the Noles on the recruiting trail, which would benefit Ohio State.

The Ugly:

Kendell Sheffield needs to get better, and fast.  It is like clockwork, he constantly gets beat week after week, and he is often the guilty party on defense as he is responsible for multiple PI and holding penalties that extend their opponents drives.

He needs to get better and with Sheffield being the starter at the nickel, he will always be scrutinized for being a part of the BIA.  It will get harder as the season gets further into conference play as the talent they will face will be better than what they have faced so far, minus the ones from the Indiana and Oklahoma games.



  1. jimmy wiggians says

    Your right it will only get harder for this team. UNLV isn’t even close to a top 100 program and Barrett gets nervous with stiff defenses.

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