Recruiting Spotlight: Sevyn Banks

The Coaching staff is hot on the recruiting trail, and once again they plucked another SEC type of player out of the South.  Banks is another lanky Defensive Back that will potentially join the Buckeyes ultra-talented Supreme18 and they could only improve from here on out.  Banks is a 6’1″, 186-pound Corner who can play Safety with his overall length.  This class will see a lot of their scholarships go toward the defense.  The Secondary, or BIA, will potentially lose this season’s starters IF things go like last year and IF the starters blossom during the season.  Banks did not follow in his brother’s footsteps and did not follow him to Florida, but this could be a good thing for recruiting Florida and the rest of the South. This recruiting cycle will be another one for the ages, stayed tuned in for some booms.  This class will be epic.

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