Game Recap: The Ohio State Buckeyes vs The Oklahoma Sooners




Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Coming into the game the Buckeyes lack of experience was the biggest question mark, but most  if not all questions were answered after a 42-21 throttling from Ohio State.  J.T. Barrett and company showed up and did their part for the majority of the game.  The biggest slight came from a Backup Quarterback Kendall Austin, who was once a Buckeye target, who stated that the Buckeye defense played a “basic” defense and that Baker Mayfield would light them up.  He even had the audacity to say that if he had the chance, he would likely do the same.  I guess you should “say less” as most Buckeye defenders had stated.  I hoped that you had the opportunity to showcase your skills against our “basic” defense, but you never got the opportunity.  Even if you did, Raekwon McMillan and the Silver Bullets would’ve feasted on your soul and in the land of the wolves, you cannot stop the pack.

imgres Zone 6 member Noah Brown torched every Defensive Back that attempted to cover him en route to his stellar performance. Brown, who returned after suffering a severe leg injury, came back with authority.  Brown was always a good player, but tonight he took a step toward greatness as he caught 5 passes for 72 yards and 4 highlight reel touchdowns.  He looked unstoppable.  He caught passes over helpless Defensive Backs and around them too.  Literally!  He was destroying the opposing defenders and although he only caught 5 passes, the damage had been done and you could see the dejection in their eyes. The crowd that was once filled with energy lacked the spark that made their home field one of the most intimidating and nasty road environments.

CSThe crowd noise died as J.T. Barrett hit them with the silencer, the hammer to silence their critics.  Curtis Samuel had another good showing.  He racked up 118 offensive yards and a touchdown on a 36-yard scamper on 4th and 1.  That was a bold move that swung the momentum in the Buckeyes favor.  The Buckeyes ground game wore the Sooner defense down as they were pushed around for most of the game, but they would occasionally make a play to halt the Buckeyes offensive attack.  Mike Weber churned out another 100-yard performance rushing for 123 rushing yards.  The Buckeyes were moving the ball at will, but the Sooner defense stood their ground and forced the punt.
iThe Sooner got the ball back and attempted to convert on 4th and 3, but the “basic” defense stiffened up and forced another turnover to take the 14-0 lead courtesy of Jerome Baker who filled in for banged-up Dante Booker.  It is getting fun seeing what forgotten recruit steps up and makes an impact whenever their number is called.  The Buckeye defense lost their most experienced player in Gareon Conley, but his replacement Redshirt Freshman Damon Arnette filled in just fine.  Like I had previously stated, the Buckeyes are deep at just about every position, on both sides of the ball.  The talent is definitely in place and the future looks brighter and brighter as the season goes on as the Buckeyes added two additional forced turnovers for the season, which now stands at +9 and they have gathered their 4th pick-6 of the year.  They held Oklahoma to just 226 yards passing and 178 yards on the ground which is below their average after two games.  “Basic” stuff.


The first true road test for the young Buckeyes had gone as quickly as it gone and Buckeye Nation is happily sipping their tea.  This comes as a pleasant surprise as I thought it would be much closer than it ended up becoming and for that, I am thankful.  I am glad that the Buckeyes used their visit to Norman as an audition for the College Football Playoff Committee and upstaged and outright embarrassed the home team on their own turf.  I would recommend not throwing stones from your glass house at a sleeping giant.  I hope the Playoff Committee was paying attention because these Buckeyes are the real deal.  They are building great recruiting classes to make up for the players that will leave or that are bound to leave.  Speaking of recruiting #1 Safety Jeffrey Okudah was on deck for an official visit, but he used it to preview both teams and how they run their defenses.  I think it is another resounding win as the defense stifled Oklahoma throughout the game.  Sure the Sooner scored two offensive scores, but the game was already in hand.  Okudah will likely announce around signing day, but I think the Buckeyes helped their cause.





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