Recap: Ohio State v. Bowling Green

OSU v. BGU 2


If you expected a tightly contested game at The Shoe, you should be ashamed of yourself for ever doubting the potency and potential of The Ohio State Buckeyes.  In what seemed like a flash, the Buckeyes began the offensive onslaught and unleashed hell on the Bowling Green Falcons.  Yes, it is easy to be skeptical after witnessing what the Buckeyes lost after the Fiesta Bowl victory against Nortre Dame, but like most teams Coached by Urban Meyer he simply rallied up the troops that were waiting in the wings and turned them loose to see what they do.  It worked.  The Buckeyes had replaced playmakers on every level of the offense and defense.  They had no choice but to lean heavily on the players who stayed for leadership and for continuity purposes.  Although I see it as a learning process that will occur throughout the season this is a good sign of things to come.  With the date against Oklahoma on their own home turf, the Buckeyes need to rally around each other and play lights out, to build up their confidence, to buy in, so they can adequately prepare for a true road test against the Oklahoma Sooners.  So until then we can see the younger players grow into their roles and we can do nothing but hope for the best.


PICK 6Well the rust and cobwebs showed during this play.  J.T. Barrett rifled a pass to a well covered receiver and Brandon Harris took the interception and ran it in from 63 yards out for the pick 6.  This really angered the sleeping giant in Ohio State and this was the beginning of the end for the Falcons.  The interception will be the only touchdown that the Buckeyes will allow for the remainder of the contest.  This is the only turnover of the game.


K.J. Hill found blew past the Bowling Green defense and hauled in a beautiful pass from J.T. Barrett for a 47 yard touchdown pass.  Remember when I said they woke up a sleeping giant?  Yeah, with the ground game working it was only a matter of time when the Buckeyes find their rhythm.  Hill finishes his first game of the season with a respectable 58 yards on 2 receptions and a touchdown.  Not bad at all.

DW2Dontre Wilson, the forgotten H-Back had himself a game.  He finished with 5 rushes for 36 yards and 3 receptions for 37 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Wilson overcame injury to finally see some reps.  He will grasp at this as long as he can stay healthy and it isn’t a bad way to start the 2016 season.  Hauling in a 25 yard and an 11 yard pass from J.T. Barrett.

CS 4Curtis Samuel is the Swiss Army Knife of this years Buckeye offense.  He was singled out by Coach Meyer and he has proven that he is ready to be The Weapon that Urban Meyer covets.  He had also been picked to become the BIG Breakout player and he proved that he is ready and he is worthy of that title.  Samuel was all over the place.  He caught a slant and took it 79 yards for a touchdown, a 21 yarder for six and had a 12 yard run for his third and last touchdown of the game.  He finished with 13 carries and 84 yards on the ground and 9 catches for 177 yards through the air for 2 touchdowns.  He looks the part and lets hope that this is just the beginning.

NB 2After the injury from last season, Noah Brown wanted to start off on the right foot.  He, like most of the young playmakers on the team showed out and in a huge way.  He went to have a good game and looks to be back in form prior to the severe injury.  He finished with 3 catches for 46 yards and a touchdown.  I know that it is against Bowling Green, but confidence is huge and with the Buckeyes gaining more prior to week 3, the showdown at Norman will be manageable and they will not be rattled.

DMFreshman Demario McCall showed out as well during garbage time.  He racked up 54 yards on the ground with a touchdown and 1 catch for 36 yards and another touchdown.  Meyer can really recruit to maximize the potential and yet again, it is showing.  Hope the rest of McCall’s freshman campaign can be like this but we will have to wait until another blowout occurs.

JBWell he came back for a reason and with the Buckeyes having a ton to prove, he showed the nation what he and the Buckeyes are capable of.  With no more Quarterback controversy in the wings, he set out and after the initial turnover, he recovered quite nicely.  He finished the game 21/31 for 349 yards through the air with 6 touchdowns and 30 yards on 6 rushes and another touchdown.  Not a bad start for a Quarterback who was left out of the Heisman candidates list prior to the season even starting.  Also, Mike Weber, the new Cadillac Back at Ohio State, yeah he is good.  Weber finished without a touchdown, but he racked up the yardage, running with power and speed.  He ran for 136 yards and I feel that he will only get better and be depended on when time needs to be ran off the clock.

MH2We found another playmaker that will add to the tradition at Ohio State.  Malik Hooker was another diamond in the rough and he proved he was worthy of a starting spot on defense.  He had a circus catch interception in the first half and during the second half, he stole took the ball away from the receiver for his second of the game.  He will be needed to breathe new life into this young defense and it is sure looking good for the time being.  Rodjay Burns also had a pick, but he took it 75 yards for the touchdown to all but seal the deal.  The young secondary is looking lethal and is gaining steam and it is truly exciting.  Baby Bosa, Nick also got into the action and sacked the Bowling Green Quarterback for his first of the season.  In other news, the cheap shot dealt to Defensive Tackle Tracy Sprinkle was a costly one.  Sprinkle suffered a severe leg injury and his season is now done and he will be out the rest of the year.  I hope that he recovers quickly.

It was fun while it lasted and now onto Tulsa week.  The Buckeyes showed the lethal combination of ground and pound and attacking the air.  The Buckeyes have risen and they can only improve from here and with Oklahoma in two weeks, they will use every game prior to get everything prepared for the big game.  And seeing how Houston just upset Oklahoma, we can all but expect a hostile crowd and environment at Norman.  Signing out, but before I do GO BUCKS!!!


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