A Buckeye’s Road to Rio

Hope you are having a great summer and that you are especially enjoying the summer sports. We at Motsag are in the midst of a re-invigoration to become a premier destination of Buckeye related sports journalism. Until we re-launch we are keeping you up to date on all the interesting football camp tidbits we come across, for current and past Buckeyes.

This week we will be adding a daily piece as a lead up to one Buckeye’s quest for gold–wrestler Buckeye Kyle Snyder. You may or may not have noticed, but Motsag has been the most prolific news outlet covering Buckeye wrestling. Not only have we reported live from B1G and NCAA tournaments (including last year’s NCAA Championship at Madison Square Garden), but we have been at every single event leading to Buckeye Kyle Snyder’s ascension to become the youngest World Wrestling Champion in US history.

We covered the 2015 US Open when Kyle eschewed competing in the Junior World Division, beating the defending Olympic Champion (London 2012) Jake Varner. We were present in July, 2015 when Kyle repeated the feat at the US Team Trials sending him to the World Championships.

We witnessed one of the colossal feats of sport as teenager Kyle Snyder out-thought, cajoled and man-handled seasoned champions to become Champion of the World. In April, 2016 we were in Iowa City to see Snyder hold back the last reach for glory by Jake Varner at the Olympic Trials.

So after breaking our arm congratulating ourselves, who better to warm you up for witnessing what could be more history–something we do not take for granted. As good as Kyle is and has proven to be, winning a gold medal is a whole new mountain to climb.

We will not be taking a break from football. We are on the case. But you should know that football and wrestling have strong links. Buckeye grid iron stars such as Luke Fickel were wrestling champs. Luke is a frequent fixture at OSU wrestling events.

Matt Finkes, another wrestling champion actually works hard helping the Ohio Regional Training Center, which supports Kyle and other Ohio State greats, such as Logan Stieber, Reece Humphrey and JD Bergman. And let’s not forget Olympic medalist hopeful and honorary Buckeye (and new OSU assistant wrestling coach) heavyweight Tervel Dlagnev who has trained for years at the Ohio Regional Training Center.

During OSU’s epic 2015 run to its first national wrestling title, one of their biggest fans was Urban Meyer who was present on the floor and the bench in the Buckeye’s B1G Championship at St. John’s Arena two weeks prior.

And then there was this old, great wrestler and occasional football dabbler, Archie Griffin.

We turned down the opportunity to report from Rio–something I will surely regret in a few years, but we will have lots of live coverage and an occasional check-in from Buckeye Wrestling Coach Tom Ryan. Stay posted.

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