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Wolverine Tears:

These Wolverine tears taste amazing!  After a heartbreak at home, the Buckeyes once again showed that they should at least be considered as a potential College Football Playoff candidate.  The Buckeyes entered the game limping after a home loss to those darn Spartans and a major heartbreaker.  The gameplan was not working and the Buckeyes couldn’t maintain control in the trenches.  Fast forward to this past weekend, the Buckeyes demonstrated that they should at least be considered to be a part of this years playoffs, IF and I mean IF, chaos happens during the Conference Championship weekend.

A couple of losses to for the teams that are ahead of the Buckeyes would do wonders for their cause.  While we are all hoping for a miracle, I will hold out just a smidgen of hope for this to happen.  I will pray to the College Football gods for a miracle.  Just like 2007 when the Buckeyes utilized said “chaos” to sneak into the BCS Championship Game, but now it will be used to get into the CFB Playoff.  A Conference Championship Game would’ve helped the Buckeyes cause, but that is just how it is and that is how it will stay.  For now at least.  I for one would be hoping for a miracle.

Now, back to the tears, that taste SO GOOD!  This was supposed to be a tightly contested game.  The Game of all games.  The Scarlet and Gray versus The Maize and Blue.  The first installment of Urban Meyer VS Jim Harbaugh.  It went the way that I wanted it to go.  I was screaming well into the fourth quarter for Coach Meyer and the Buckeyes to run up the score.  This was no time for pity.  We needed to crush the Wolverines in the fashion that we had done to get the attention of the Committee.  To keep the Buckeyes fresh in their minds.

The Buckeyes offense rose from the dead.  Literally!  After a snoozer and after poor game planning, Coach Meyer assisted in the play calling.  And it worked and/or helped.  Tremendously.  J.T. Barrett looked less predictable as opposed to the Michigan State game, the play calling was more straight forward, the execution was crisp and ZEEEEEEEEEEKE RAN WILD!!!  Let’s feed this man and help his cause for the Heisman or should I say HE15MAN.  The Silver Bullets returned and stuffed every run, but it did enough to disrupt the Wolverines.  Yes, they passed on us, but could they run?  NO!  Meh!  Well there are 363 days left until TTUN comes into the Shoe for a date with Coach Meyer, round 2!

All The Gold Pants:

For what its worth, I find it interesting how recruiting works out.  After terrible seasons, like Coach Fickell’s Interim Head Coaching year after the ousting of the one and only Jim Tressel, the one’s who were a part of that class and for those who have stayed, congrats to you all.  Congratulations are in store for the players who have been there through those tough times.  Players like Taylor Decker, who stuck with their commitment have had quite the career.  Case and point, four, I say again FOUR pairs of gold pants.  Now for all the noobs who just started following the Buckeyes, Gold Pants are gained after defeating that team up north.  The ones who have stuck with their commitment have four of them.  The class of 2011 also have a Conference Championship AND a National Title.

Now, a certain recruit comes to mind, Kyle Kalis.  I follow recruiting closely and I remember all the fuss and all the talking that he was doing after he flipped to play for Coach Hoke.  I guess the Buckeyes get the last laugh.  What do you have to show for yourself?  I guess you thought that Coach, ahem Former Coach would still be around or that Michigan would go back to how they were in the early years.  I think that it is comical and I could name a bunch of other Michigan players who were once Buckeye targets.  Jabrill Peppers, Jake Butt, and so on and so fourth.  They made careers out of what they had accomplished, but until you guys can consistently beat the Scarlet and Gray, (shrug).

The Waiting Game:

This will be a weekend to watch.  As opposed to putting hope out there and hoping that Penn State would help us out, it is just laughable right now.  I want to believe but we will just have to see.  Either way, I see the Buckeyes still getting a great bowl game.  Either way, here’s to hoping for the Football gods to answer.

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