5 B1G Observations: Week 11


As someone who generally keeps his nose out of politics and #trendy topics, I typically wouldn’t take the time to mention this.  But maybe it’s my age or the father-to-be coming out of me… whatever it is, I felt compelled to ask something of anyone reading this.  Regardless of your political stance or your beliefs or customs or any other differences you might have – just take a minute today to look around and be thankful for the love of your family and friends and those close to you.  We as human beings often take this for granted.  What happened Friday night should be all the evidence you need to realize that all of those things can be snatched away at the slightest moment.

Okay, onto the week that was in Big Ten Football.

#1: Iowa keeps the Big Ten Championship game exciting

Iowa has little competition between now and an undefeated regular season, no question about it.  And as long as the College Football Playoff Committee keeps them ranked in the single digits, it just looks that much better for the Buckeyes in Indianapolis.

#2: Tracy Claeys is real AF

I used to say that Jerry Kill was my second favorite head football coach in the B1G.  Well much like his former position at the University of Maryland, his spot in my heart was also filled by Tracy Claeys after this press conference.

#3:  Connor Cook injures shoulder

He’s already told reporters that he will play against Ohio State this weekend.  But think about what would have happened if the Browns would have blitzed Roethlisberger this weekend on that bum foot.  Would have changed the game significantly, right?  Hmmm…

#4:  Double OT in Bloomington

My goodness what a cluster-you-know-what this was.  People were tweeting that a Big Twelve game broke out on the Big Ten Network.  Rudock lived up to the hype finally but the Michigan defense appeared very beatable.  Just imagine if the Hoosiers had the Silver Bullets.  Or Zeke Elliot.  I’m guessing there wouldn’t be a need for any overtime periods in that matchup ::dramatic pause::

#5:  Buckeye defense is just as potent as its offense

Anyone complaining about a 28-3 victory like it’s the end of the world needs to get things into perspective.  Anyone else that’s worried specifically about field goal kicking and pass protection needs to remember who coaches this team.

Oh yeah, anyone catch this beat down?  I WISH I could have watched this fight with “Money” Mayweather.

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