It’s Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is that time of the season we have all been waiting for. These next two games on the schedule are going to either make or break our season. They are going to show us that we are either a team that just plays to the level of our competition and that’s why we have not played great football all year OR they are going to show us that we are not quite as good as we thought we were.

Another benefit to these next two weeks is that we will finally have two wins for the playoff committee to look back on and say”ok they have definetly beaten a few highly ranked teams”. Unfortunately, it could have looked even better for us if Michigan State hadn’t laid an egg 2 weeks ago against Nebraska, but, never the less, wins agains these town schools is going to be more than enough to get us to the College Football Playoff as long as we handle our business in the BIG championship game.

There is also a very interesting underlying factor here as well coming into the last 2 weeks of the season. Thanks to that debacle Michigan State had against Nebraska. The final game of the season could determine the division champs between Ohio State and ttun. I think it is safe to say that coach Harbaugh has brought this team back from the dead much faster than expected, in doing so he has really lit a fire under this rivalry. So much so that beating ttun is the only way we can get to Indy for the championship game. On a side note, I hope all of you people that said Ohio State needs ttun to be good again to have a steady rivalry all feel good about yourselves because I for one hate the fact that I actually have to worry about playing them again! Anyway, I’m sure this week is about to be a media frenzy for both the coaching staffs and players both during the week and weekend since College Game Day has decided to attend the festivities. Hopefully Urb and the rest of the coaching staff can get our guys to that cuvited ” 9 units strong” that they always talk about because there are few in the country that would argue when Ohio State is at its best it’s doubtful anyone can beat them. Go Bucks beat Sparty!!

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