The Urban Dictionary: 11/11

TheUrbanDictionaryLogoAs we all know by now, the Buckeyes sloppily defeated the Golden Gophers 28-14 this past weekend behind undefeated quarterback Cardale Jones, who still seemed to under-perform to the standard that is expected of him.

Of course, when everyone thought the questions were settled and over with, they’ve arisen again thanks to Barrett’s off-field incident the prior weekend. Who will be Ohio State’s starting quarterback against Illinois this coming weekend?

We’ll start with – is Barrett in the mix to be the starter again?


Urban said – “Yes.”

  • The Fans – Of course he is. Did you not see how on certain plays, JT would have decided to do something different? JT would have done this or that when Cardale didn’t.
  • The Media – Typical one word response. It can’t possibly be because we ask this question after every single game is it?
  • The Opponent – Well if you don’t start Barrett, we’ll sure take him over Mitch Leidner.

Saying little to nothing at all sometimes says it all.


While the joyous quarterback controversy still continues to rage on, our running back Ezekiel Elliott is breaking records and keeping his 100-yard game streak alive quietly in the background with last week’s game being the 14th game in a row that he has broken the 100 yard barrier. He also moved past Chris “Beanie” Wells on the all time leading rushers list into the fourth leading rusher in Ohio State history.

Urban said – “And when we’re getting in some situations where it might be, like, bear-0 or the no-deep situations, that they’re going to do the best they can to take away Zeke. And they pretty much did. I mean, he only had 114 yards on 26 carries, but weren’t able to get him out like we like to.”

  • The Fans – Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeke!!!
  • The Media – You think his “lack” of production was a result of Jones being the quarterback?
  • The Opponent – ONLY 114 yards?!? Our running back only got 27 yards. That’s fine. If you’re not appreciative of 114 yards and a touchdown, we’ll take him along with JT.

Poor Shannon Brooks only had 27 yards against the Silver Bullets.


Was this the performance Buckeye fans were hoping for?

Urban said – “Not what we would expect. We expect to play better. I hate to say that because that sometimes sounds like we’re taking away from our opponent, because they’re a pretty rugged group. But just expect much more efficiency out of our offense.”

  • The Fans – I’ll expect that efficiency once we get JT back for Illinois.
  • The Media – We expect you to play better too so that we don’t have to keep asking you questions about the quarterback position.
  • The Opponent – We’ll take your sympathy and compliment of having a good team . . . only if you give us a couple of your players to make us better.

Looking forward to next week, Meyer and his team will have one last relatively easy chance against Illinois to figure out their quarterback situation once and for all because the tough games are swiftly approaching. Following next week, every game after it including future unkown opponents will be against ranked competition.

Time for the cream to rise to the top.

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