Minnesota GameDay Experience Brought to You

We know your a huge Ohio State football fan just like us otherwise why would you be here right. When is the last time you were able to enjoy a game at Ohio Stadium? Have you been able to experience a lot of what goes on? I know for a fact its impossible to experience every single thing just on one trip alone. Getting Buckeye tickets is hard, have to pray you can come across some great deals or find unfortunate folks that have to sell theirs allowing the door to open for you. This year I have been grateful for being able to experience four different games.

I have never had the opportunity to enjoy a night game before this season, I have gone to the last three in a row. It is a magical time. The electricity in the air, the fans that are literally all over the area. The sea of Scarlet is amazing (sea of Black for Penn State was even more incredible). The tailgating set up everywhere, the RV lot, Undisputed Ln (Lane Ave.) and so many more. Seeing how there is so many different things to enjoy from Skull Sessions, the player walk, the band entering stadium and I am sure missing so much more. I made it an effort to try and bring some of the experiences from this past Saturdays game against Minnesota to you all.

Experienced very first Skull Session:

An added treat the United States Army Drill Team did some showing off:

You leave the Skull Session head over to Ohio Stadium getting more excited (i know how can you get more excited) to experience all that will go on inside the Mecca of college football.

First after all the warm-ups and all that takes place there here is some of the really big stuff like that crazy tradition of Script Ohio I know probably never heard of it.

Then the team comes out to little fanfare:

Then the National Anthem, did I mention about Military Appreciation?


Well the game gets going and you have everything that goes with that, might want to listen to MotSaG Podcast tomorrow for mine and Chips hot takes.

Halftime and The Best Damn Band in the Land nothing else needs to be said except its A Back to the Future Tribute:

Did you know its Brutus Buckeye’s 50th Birthday?

As you can see the fans decided to take their smartphones and turn on the flashlights, it was a moving experience.


Well these are some of the things I wanted to share with you Buckeye Nation, hope you enjoyed and please let me know what your favorite Buckeye tradition is to enjoy on gameday.

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