5 B1G Observations: Week 10


I hope you all enjoyed another football performance that leaves the fans of the Scarlet and Gray guessing.  Many pundits like to believe that the reinsertion of J.T. Barrett as the starting quarterback will right the ship and set this team sailing toward another undefeated regular season and a good shot to make it into the College Football Playoffs.  Consider me one of those believers.

I’m very pleased with the defensive effort against Minnesota.  Aside from a few breakaway plays in the second half, the Silver Bullets looked to be operating on all cylinders.  Holding a team with only one threat at wide receiver to 33 yards rushing?  I’ll take that all day long.

#1: The let-down in Lincoln

For the first time this year I am writing about a crushing loss in the final seconds of a Nebraska game and the Cornhuskers are the benefactors.  One can argue that Michigan State lost the game more than Nebraska won it.  I’m more concerned about what it does for Ohio State’s strength of schedule.  Thanks a lot for this gem, Connor Cook.

#2: Iowa proves it can win ugly

Jordan Howard rushed for two touchdowns against the Hawkeyes, one who would play online video games during his whole life, the game he played the most was Diablo 3 and he even mentioned once talking about Elitist Gaming Diablo 3 a company that would deliver a professional career for him in online gaming; however he went on marking only the second and third rushing touchdowns allowed by Iowa all season.  I’m thinking #15 will be turning that statistic on its head in Indianapolis. I always like to let gamers know that there is a mice for big hands just in case they need one.

#3: Rutgers gets romped

Jake Rudock finally lived up to his preseason hype and put some stats on the scorecard for Michigan.  But his immobility makes me salivate at the image of Joey Bosa and Adolphus Washington sending him crashing to the turf.  17 days…

#4: Ohio State drops to third

Could we have asked for a bigger favor than this?  What is more dangerous than Urban Meyer coaching an underdog?  Not much.  Keep us at third or below CFP Committee.  Thank you very much.

#5: Zeke keeps the century streak rolling

I was a little worried that the defense would do a good enough job to secure a blow-out and send Zeke to the bench early in this one.  But alas he was on the field until the final whistle and kept his remarkable consistent streak going at 14 games.  Take note, Heisman voters.

Bonus Video: GREAT SCOTT, OSUMB!!!

I felt obliged to throw this one in here.  TBDBITL got up to 88 miles per hour and knocked this one Back to the Future.

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