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TheUrbanDictionaryLogoWelcome back to the bye week version of The Urban Dictionary.

Rather than make comedic light of a serious issue that happened this past weekend involving a particular quarterback, this piece won’t follow the same regular format – not to mention that issue has been drilled into the ground by every Ohio State media outlet in Anthony Schlegel style.

Schlegel=OSU media outlets. Hopeless fan=issue.



But instead, in case you haven’t heard, the great Urban Meyer has released his new book – Above The Line, which came out October 27. The book is about leadership and lessons that Meyer learned from last year’s championship team. Meyer went on Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor in his famous “No Spin Zone” segment to talk about the book:



I would love to see O’Reilly bring Braxton onto the no spin zone and see what might happen.

I figured that was worth pulling back out of the bag to watch a few more times.

But Meyer’s book can easily be purchased here on Amazon.

This is not at all Urban Meyer related, but this is too funny not to share. Everyone should tweet this at Paul Finebaum to ruin his day. But nevertheless, “the SEC myth,” explained by a proud fan of the surprisingly undefeated Iowa Hawkeyes.


Lastly, I would like to point out that in light of some criticisms by notorious haters of Urban Meyer and Ohio State, Dennis Dodd and Clay Travis of Fox Sports, that I think Meyer handled this weekend’s situation well and was correct in suspending Barrett for the Minnesota game. Travis and Dodd have both slammed Urban for his handling of the situation and calling him a hypocrite for what he said about how he would have dealt with the Jameis Winston issue if he were at Florida State. As far as I know, Meyer did not have to punish Barrett at all for any reason, but he decided to anyways, which falls in line with what he has done in the past and also falls in line with his book.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this random string of randomness, but next week will be back on track, following the game against the Golden Gophers.

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