5 B1G Observations: Week 9


I don’t have any documented proof of this, but back in August I had a conversation with friends that went a little something like this:

Me – “If the Bucks can make it past the Fightin’ Goiters (Virginia Tech) unscathed, then the next most dangerous opponent on the schedule will not be Michigan State.  It will be the bye week.”

Friend – “The what?  Fightin’ Goiters?”

So it’s pretty obvious that I need to get some new friends that can understand the reference to Frank Beamer’s surgically repaired neck.  But the point was that the most difficult opponent the Buckeyes would face before the back to back meetings with the teams from That State Up North would be… themselves.  The injuries and off-the-field issues would be the only true obstacles between our Buckeyes and a 10-0 start before hosting the Spartans.  And what do you know, for once in my life I was unfortunately correct.

Will we see the Cardale of old?  Will an impressive performance against Minnesota keep J.T. on the bench for good?  Will Braxton line up as the Red Zone Quarterback?  Only time will tell.  #BringBackProhibition

#1: Long Live Jerry Kill

If I were forced to trade Urban Meyer for another head coach within the conference there is no doubt it would be Jerry Kill.  I’m not even salty that he won B1G Coach of the Year last season.  There is no way to dislike that guy.

#2: Minnesota’s coaching search officially started Saturday evening

The Little Brown Jug was there for the taking.  Harbaugh was losing his mind on the sideline.  My eyes were glued to the television as my heart thumped with glee and schadenfreude.  But then this all happened.  Ed Warinner, could you turn your cell phone off please?

#3: The B1G Title will likely run through Iowa

I know it won’t literally run through Iowa, but there doesn’t seem to be another team in the West Division that can contend with the Hawkeyes.  They excel in all facets of the game.  They will be a tough test for whoever comes out of the East (crossing my fingers for the boys in Scarlet and Gray) and the CFP committee really needs to take a look at this team before releasing their rankings.

#4: Nebraska has given up


Why do I have no link here?  Because if you go to the University of Nebraska’s YouTube page you will see that they haven’t posted a football video in a month.   They gave up 55 points in a loss to Purdue this past Saturday to drop to 3-6.  I guess I would start posting basketball videos by now as well, especially considering that they play Michigan State this week.

#5: J.T. has words with the media, drowns them in Four Loko

Okay so I’m only speculating that it was Four Loko.  But do you think these two events were related?  Barrett was incredibly uncharacteristic during this interview just days before finding himself uncharacteristically in trouble.  Is the pressure of his position as Ohio State’s quarterback getting to him?  Or did he just make the same mistake that countless other college students make every semester?

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