Bye Week Blues

If there is ever was a more depressing time during the College Football Season, it would be this week.  Bye weeks are needed and they do indeed benefit the team as a whole.  It helps readjust the gameplans for both the offense and the defense, it also helps with the preparation against the next team that they will face.  Here is looking to you Minnesota.  It also helps let the coaches when they set out to recruit for The Ohio State University.  This week, the coaches are planting Buckeye flags across the nation, in their areas of recruiting responsibility.  Although this week doesn’t contain a game, there are many ways that you and I can get our fix.

Captain Going Down with the ship…  Against Minnesota:

Just a couple days ago, Redshirt Sophomore Captain, J.T. Barrett was caught operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  I am a Police Officer in the Air Force and that is disappointing.  Although it was barely over the legal limit (0.02 BAC for 21 year olds and younger), he was reported to get busted with 0.88 BAC.  Which isn’t that bad, but I still do not agree with the fact that he drove under the influence.  I am also not one of those fair weather fans who would cast players aside from screwing up for the first time.  With that being said, let us all rejoice at the fact that he will miss just the Minnesota game.  Yes, it’s a night game, but it will be at home against a team that just came off a heartbreaking loss to TTUN.  With all things considered, I know that Cardale will torch the Golden Gophers.  Not easily, but when the opportunity arises, he will torch them when he gets into a grove.  J.T. Barrett and true Ohio State fans mustn’t be so quick to abandon the J.T. Barrett hype train because he made one mistake.  If you are “perfect” then pay no mind to my article.  The true fans who bleed Scarlet and Gray like myself, just enjoy the ride prior to the meat of our “weak” schedule.

Recruiting Wars:

Finally!  Per sources close to Kareem Walker, he is still solid with his Ohio State commitment.  Now before getting too excited, he will still take his official visits to ensure the correct decision was made.  With three Running Backs committed and only Walker and newly acquired recruit Antonio Williams and a projected slot receiver/H-Back in Demario McCall, the Buckeyes have no need for another addition.

Now what the Buckeyes desperately need is a top notch Defensive Tackle or two.  As of today, the Buckeyes have a decent shot with Georgia DT, Antwuan Jackson and they have a puncher’s chance with North Carolina’s Dexter Lawrence and Louisiana natvive Rashard Lawrence.  The Rashan Gary train has left the station even though he is entertaining the idea of another visit to Ohio State.  Other than that the Buckeyes are looking to fill in the remainder of the slots for this years class.

The targets to watch are New Jersey Defensive Back Jordan Fuller, Florida Wide Receiver Binjimen Victor and Pennsylvania Defensive Back Damar Hamlin.  Those are the names that float around in Buckeye recruiting circles.  We have an outside shot on big name targets like the aforementioned Rashan Gary, Rashard Lawrence, California Line Backer Mique Juarez, Florida Wide Reviever Nate Craig-Meyers, Georgia’s Nigel Warrior, Texas Line Backer Jeffrey McCulloch and Michigan Line Backer Daelin Hayes.

To close, we have a shot at a few of the top names, but with the sheer lack of spots in this years class, I will not hold my breath.  It is one of the benefits of being the defending National Champs, we get to pick and choose who we would like to have on our roster.  We choose the correct personnel to push for future Championships.  Although I would like most of those names I will be content with just picking up the correct personnel for the coaches to groom.

Another Coach Calls It Quits:

eiFIGwOqI am a Die-Hard Buckeye fan, but I respect coaches that have put in the time and the work to build programs up from the dirt.  There are only a few coaches that I despise, but that is not relevant at this very moment.  Frank Beamer you will be sorely missed.  If I knew how to post pictures (sorry guys, I have a new laptop and the Mac interface is difficult), I would have put the week one facial expression when the Buckeyes got revenge on Mr. Sandman and company.  You have done your best at a program and I salute you for it.  Here is to having a ton of wins to end your illustrious career.

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